Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

Are you interested in working on the Internet, as well as you are a fan of social networks? Then the project Facecom is one of the best services for you.

This social network for businessmen allows you to access a huge functionality, through which you can not only talk about your business, but also add products for sale, earn money, invest them and cost referral network.

Soc. a network with the possibility of earning Facecom was created in 2012, and the number of its users is increasing at a tremendous rate. You can also become a member of this project, all that is required of you is to go through a simple registration.

Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

The social network is closed!

Earnings from the social. a network for entrepreneurs

To create a profile on Facecom, you are asked to fill out a simple form in which you need to specify Email and password. After checking the mailbox, you can log into your account and add additional information about yourself. To do this, you will need to click "Edit" near your name:

Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

In the basic information about yourself, be sure to include a phone number and check it. It is not difficult to do this, it is enough to indicate a phone number, after which a link will appear next to it for sending an SMS message:

Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

Why do we draw your attention to this? The fact is that without a verified phone number, you will not be able to withdraw money from the system.

Earnings on Facecom

In the "Earn" section, you can watch all the available ways to make money on this project:

Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

As you can see, there are only 4 of them and one of them is closed. Closed way of earning - is earnings on surveys. It opens only when available questions for your city appear in the system, as you see, for my city it is not available right now. Now let's look at the rest of the blocks:

Thanks to the bonus money box, you can open your deposit in the system and receive income. The terms of the piggy bank suggest 3 use cases - these are deposits for 15 days with an income of 5%, 30 days for 6% and 90 days for 7%. For your reference, here is an example of a long-term piggy bank:

Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

The number of VD is the amount of the deposit. What is VD? This is an internal currency, which is exchanged at the rate of 1000 VD - $ 1. For registration on Facecom they pay 500 VD, this amount you can already use for the first deposit.

Referral program.
When you click on this block, you will receive a special link where you need to invite your friends:

Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

For each referral involved, you will receive $ 1, but provided that he will fill out information about himself. Also in the future you will receive 5% from referrals 1 level and small income from the next 5 levels. If you want to increase the percentage of deductions, you can buy the package "Professional" (10%) or "Business" (20%).

Targeted advertising.
This block is intended for advertisers, why it is in the "Earn" section remains a mystery. To receive money for viewing ads, just click on the blocks that are located on the right side of the site:

Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

When you visit the advertised sites in the upper part of the site you will watch the timer:

Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

When 10 seconds pass the timer disappears, and you can close the tab, 6 VDs will be credited to your account. For the sake of interest, I decided to look at paid advertising and earn the first money in this system, I managed to collect some local currency:

Now I will put this money in the piggy bank and forget about the service for a couple of weeks, so that next time I go only for withdrawing money, buying goods, recharging a cell phone or spending money on various games. The administration provides a lot of different options for using VD:

Soc. Facecom network (closed project)

In order for you to be allowed to withdraw money, in addition to specifying a phone number, you will need to provide your photo and provide passport information.

Not many will want to transfer their data, so I would like to draw your attention to an interesting way to spend the internal currency of this site. At a special auction, you will be able to bid (which you will buy in advance) and receive various goods for almost nothing:

You see several lots on the image. One of them is a wireless headset, the starting price of which is only 20 VD (a couple of cents). Of course, it will be impossible to buy them for this amount, but at the auction prices may not increase significantly.

Soc. network with the possibility of earning Facecom provides you with a lot of tools for various purposes. After completing the registration on Facecom, you will not be bored, because you can always earn extra money, engage in inviting friends, chatting, shopping and participating in the auction.

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