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SMS billing as an alternative to electronic payment systems - Profit Hunter At the moment, SmsCoin is conducting an extensive advertising campaign to promote its services among bloggers and webmasters of Runet.

What is the advantage of sms-billing for an ordinary site owner? First of all, by the fact that it allows you to sell any kind of content: articles, podcasts, videos, keys, programs, pdfs — directly through a mobile phone.

Since sms-billing has one major drawback: high commission of mobile operators (SmsCoin itself takes only 5% of the cost of sms-message), I’ll dwell on its advantages.

1. The first and main advantage is wide audience coverage . Today, mobile phones are literally in every family. And even more so for all those who use the Internet. But every user of the world wide web has a Webmoney or Yandex wallet. Money or PayPal account? Not. Not every. In such a situation, SMS billing can significantly expand the range of customers.

I understand that SEO (and moneymaking) is not very good for selling content, since many of the “themes” are publicly available, but is the Runet (and not only it) limited to SEO? I’m sure many of you have small narrow-label projects and maybe even large stores and / or entertainment portals.

Let's imagine that you have a culinary site with a regular audience. On such a site, apart from standard monetization tools (advertising, paid links, affiliate programs) you can use paid to Consultations, videos on cooking various dishes, etc. But what do you think, what percentage of your audience (mostly housewives) can pay you with e-currency? I think it is not high. And many people will want advice from a specialist. SmsCoin revenue.

Such niches (fishing, interior design, gardening, repair and maintenance of electronic equipment, etc.) can be enumerated indefinitely, so I think it is enough of one example.

And the topic of moneymaking is not that hopeless either. If you have a name in the blogosphere and the audience knows that you can believe your words, you can also create paid access to some materials on the website / blog: for example, detailed videos and detailed walkthroughs on how to finally make a million on the Internet, they will go bang (if, of course, you are not going to create a complete information product).

2. SmsCoin works with mobile operators in 29 countries of the world . This greatly expands your earning potential if readers of your website / blog are scattered around the globe.

3. You do not have to delve into the technical features of sms-billing - SmsCoin will do everything for you. The only thing that is required of you is to register on the website and follow the instructions for integrating and configuring the services provided by SmsCoin on your website (detailed instructions can be found on the company's website).

4. SmsCoin presents 5 different services for sms-billing:

  • sms: key - for selling access to original materials;
  • sms: bank - for replenishing your audience bills on the site and / or payment for any services;
  • sms: safe - to receive payments of up to $ 30;
  • sms: transit - to develop your own sms-service;
  • sms: chat - to send sms-messages that will appear on the site in real time.

Read more about these services on the company's website.
And once again about what sms-billing allows:

  • selling mobile content for phones and PDAs (pictures, themes, melodies, videos, java games, etc.) e.);
  • distribution of serial numbers to programs;
  • organization of paid access to closed sections of a site or forum;
  • selling links for downloading e-books, music, movies, games ;
  • sms-voting, quizzes, contests;
  • paid subscription to newsletters, weather forecasts, etc. using sms;
  • providing sms-reference services ( currency rates, transport routes and etc.);
  • marketing research, sms-surveys.

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