Smo-media - earnings and advertising Vkontakte, affiliate program

Every day more and more services appear on the Internet that can be used for remote earnings. Not so long ago, a new resource Smo-media, which very quickly gained popularity. Due to this resource, users can earn money or run advertising.

At the moment, the number of users is approaching 23,000 participants. Almost every hour, new tasks are added, as well as the number of performers is replenished, which guarantees a high cheat rate.

Smo-media - earnings and advertising Vkontakte, affiliate program

the project is closed. earn on.

Where to earn and run Vkontakte advertising?

Smo-media - earnings and Vkontakte advertising are so simple with this project that even beginners can handle them. To fully consider the possibilities of this resource, let's evaluate it from the side of the advertiser and the performer.

When using cheats with this site, you can very quickly get a large number of group entries, likes, reposts or friend additions. For joining a group, a repost or a friend request, you will have to pay 40 kopecks, for cheating likes at 20 kopecks.

The service has a discount system, which is distributed depending on the volume of your orders. You can also use special packages for the promotion of groups:

Smo-media - earnings and advertising Vkontakte, affiliate program

When ordering 100,000 entries, you will save 40% and each participant will cost you 27 kopecks. For tracking cheating, provided detailed statistics. If necessary, you can use the various filtering settings.

Smo-media for earning

Making money on this site is also easy, go through authorization and start performing tasks. Now 50 tasks are available, for their performance they pay from 20 kopecks.

Smo-media - earnings and advertising Vkontakte, affiliate program

All you need to do is perform the simplest action, for example, join a group. After you fulfill the advertiser’s requirements, click the “Check” button and the amount specified in the task is sent to your account. If you encounter a violation of the rules, you can file a complaint or just hide the task, for this there are special buttons.

You can get money earned on Smo-media on the balance of your phone or on Webmoney. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 30 rubles. On the withdrawal page, you can see when the next payday is:

Smo-media - earnings and advertising Vkontakte, affiliate program

Earnings on the Smo-media site are very simple, invite your friends to the system and get paid for this is 10% of the amount of their earnings and 8% of the money spent on advertising . Also participate in contests, the main prize of which is 1500 rubles.

To become a winner, you will need to complete the most tasks, invite the maximum number of referrals, or order as much advertising as possible.

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