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Who started the year 2011? The best start for the webmaster is to start implementing the plan. Well, the plans, as always, are to increase profit, create another couple of profitable projects, increase traffic on current ones ... buy another couple of new hosting sites for new sites, etc. By the way, about hosting. Have you thought about your own VDS for your websites?

Why do I need a VDS?

A reasonable question. Why do I need VDS, if I use regular hosting and everything suits me. Consider:

  1. Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) gives you full flexible control over the configuration and configuration of services;
  2. VDS allows you to have your own Server Names (NS - Name Server);
  3. If you need to install additional software (Perl module, etc.), how to be?
  4. Do you want to create your own IRC server?
  5. VDS gives 100% isolation from other customers. At a minimum, each VDS has a dedicated IP address.
  6. All resources of your VDS are completely yours. No other neighbors will “put” your site in the 504th puddle;
  7. Are you satisfied with the restrictions on the number of mailboxes? And on the number of sites? No? ...

A small note to n 6. I had a case with a past hosting provider, when for more than 6 hours my sites were not available or were loaded with varying success. And this, as an evil thing, happened when traffic fell on one RF request. I think you I understand what emotions I have visited. It turned out that the torrent settled on the hosting, which blocked the entire channel. The server could only smile I am waving a sign 504. The second case is that the site has grown and started to eat more resources than it was supposed to pay. The hosting provider warned that something had to be decided: either pack your bags or cut your appetite or switch to a more expensive fare.

Using VDS for your projects, you get rid of a lot of problems and get a lot of advantages that regular hosting does not.

VDS64 is a good choice of webmasters

Some of the key benefits of VDS you already know. Question: " How to choose VDS? " Since VDS is a better level of service for sites and expanding their functionality, the requirements for choosing VDS should be appropriate. What should I look for? I will highlight the main thing:

  1. Virtualization technology: OpenVZ (Virtuozzo), Xen, FreeBSD Jails;
  2. Equipment of the VDS provider;
  3. Selection of the VDS provider itself (license, contacts, content of the public offer, arbitration reviews etc.);
  4. Adequate support service of the VDS provider.

For more detailed information on each item, please visit the company's website VDS64 . I note here that on all 4 points of the VDS64 the test passes.

What does VDS64 offer?

I mentioned the expansion of functionality. And above all, it refers to the control panel of the VDS center. Watch the demo.

Summing up the advantages of the VDS center control panel:

  • Restarting the server independently.
  • Changing the hostname and time zone.
  • Change the root password of the server when it is lost.
  • Control over resource gaps and current use of server resources with the ability to view as a graph.
  • Control over the use of the Internet channel in the form of a graph and current connections to the server.
  • Automatic Ping check with sms alert.
  • Setting Out Of Memory Killer.
  • Control over running processes on the server.
  • File manager.
  • Firewall management.
  • Simple anti ddos.
  • Manage external DNS.

Also notice the SimpleHM control panel (SimpleHostManager).

I summarize the advantages functional through a web interface:

  • Apache domain management (nginx as a front-end for statics).
  • Manage PHP settings.
  • FTP Management (vsftpd).
  • Email Management (exim).
  • Cron job management.
  • MySQL database and user management.
  • Installing popular scripts with one click through a web interface: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, HostCMS, Livestreet, b2evolution, MediaWiki, SMF, phpBB, Magento.
  • All control is exercised through the hypervisor without using the resources of the VDS itself.
  • Minimum use of resources by VDS services.

There are small drawbacks with this panel:

  • Access to the panel (for example, to add domains or create FTP) is possible only from one user, the Server Administrator.
  • You cannot create users other than Administrator.


The first attractive bonus is the tariff VDS with the control panel for only 10 $ / month. This is the easiest tariff package offered by VDS64 .Its advantage is, in comparison with other VDS providers, that for $ 10 you get the power available from others at a price 2-3 times higher.

The second bonus is the ability to get VDS for free. To do this, you need to have a well-visited site that will act as an advertising platform for the company. In appreciation, VDS64 provides any tariff package. Questions about such cooperation you can ask on email. company box.

The third bonus is a partnership with VDS64 as a reseller.

The fourth bonus is the loyalty program. The more you are a customer VDS64 , the greater your discount.

If you have questions for VDS64 , you can always ask them in the online mode to the company's staff. It's time to switch to VDS.

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