Slovoeb program, word for optimizers and webmasters

Each webmaster and optimizer has to work with keywords, and it takes quite a lot of time to collect quality keys. Now there are many services and programs that help save time, and in this article we will present one of the best software products.


program is an excellent helper for working with keywords. Despite the dubious title in the Russian-language form, the functionality of the program is really useful. The main feature - the software is free, and the interface is intuitive.

Slovoeb program, word for optimizers and webmasters

Slovoeb for optimizers and webmasters

Using this program, you will get convenient functionality for:

  • analyzing and parsing keywords from WordStat;
  • analyzing statistics from Liveinternet;
  • determining the competitiveness of various requests;
  • determining relevant pages for different keys.

These 4 basic functions will help save a lot of time on the compilation of the semantic core.

Now let's consider the Slovoeb interface:

Slovoeb program, word for optimizers and webmasters

After starting the program, it is proposed to create a new project where you will set various parameters. At the top of the program are all the necessary tools, we also advise you to go into the settings and set some parameters at your discretion (for example, the number of words in a key phrase).

In the settings you can also specify the parameters for parsing from WordStat:

Slovoeb program, word for optimizers and webmasters

When you have set all the necessary parameters, you can use the program and set a keyword that will repel special algorithm:

Slovoeb program, word for optimizers and webmasters

After selecting a large number of keys, proceed to cleaning the kernel from unnecessary words. To do this, highlight inappropriate requests and then delete them from the list. After performing manual sorting, use the function “Collect frequencies” and again perform manual filtering, removing unnecessary words.

Thanks to programs like Slove, it is much easier to perform various tasks of collecting and analyzing keywords. Be sure to try using this program, it’s not at all difficult, especially since you don’t have to pay for it.

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