Skype: connection failed, problem solving

Unfortunately, almost all PC users have to deal with software failures.

Sometimes even popular software refuses to work, but due to the urgent need to use the program, you have to find a solution to all emerging issues.

Failed to establish a connection with the Skype server - many users have already come across such an error.

When you start the program, a window with an exclamation mark simply appears, and it cannot be used. Do not rush to write to technical support, basically, such problems are quickly resolved.

Skype: connection failed, problem solving

The network cannot establish a connection, what should I do?

If you have also encountered such a problem, first try updating the program version. This can be done through the menu, in the help section you will find the check for updates:

Skype: connection failed, problem solving

After selecting this item, just download the update and the program will automatically do everything:

Skype: connection failed, problem solving

Unfortunately, this option does not always solve the problem, so you have to use alternative methods.

Sometimes it is enough to wait for the error to disappear, as it may be related to technical problems on the Skype server or your ISP.

If the “Failed to establish connection to the server” error continues to appear for a long time and the update does not help, try the following options:

  • scan your computer for viruses (update your anti-virus database );
  • completely delete, then install Skype again (do not forget to save the data, the main. Db file that is located in the Application Data folder is responsible for this);
  • try to roll back the system to restore previous version of Skype;
  • if you are using Windows XP, download and install Service Pack 3;
  • try to connect Proxy server cut, your network address may be blocked (GatherProxy Scraper is useful);
  • update Internet Explorer or install Skype 6 version. 14.

Try different methods, one Of these, your problem should definitely solve. If nothing helps, then it remains only to write to the Skype support service (on the official website, the "Help" section).

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Each problem has a solution, and if you don’t find one, describe the problem in the comments below. One of the ways should help exactly, so be sure to try them before asking questions.

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