Sites like Seosprint and Wmmail for earnings

The first steps in the sphere of Internet earnings, many people make with the help of clique sponsors. These services are ideal for beginners and offer thousands of different tasks. All of them are simple and bring little money, but they can be quickly withdrawn. In the niche there were two best projects, but we should not forget about the analogues.

Profitable sites like Seosprint and Wmmail are searched for by fans of boxes. Other clicks sponsors number in dozens. They continue to create, to this day, but not everywhere profitable to work. Some sites are simply not well promoted, so they have few advertisers.

Sites like Seosprint and Wmmail for earnings

analogues . There are countless such projects; even large projects sometimes offer simple tasks.

Of the most interesting, we recommend these systems:

  1. - many small orders, pay for them more than on Seosprint. Users are offered to pass the exam in order to receive expensive assignments for writing comments. Nothing complicated, go through the test and earn more. The conclusion here is from 100 rubles to Webmoney.
  2. - A copywriting exchange can also be used as a book box. There are many orders for likes, introductions and invitations to groups, comments, reposts. Payment is much higher (you can get 40 cents for one order). Not so long ago connected payments to bank cards.
  3. - it is impossible to get lost in the performance of tasks on this site. Step-by-step instructions are given to each order, and the employee proceeds to the next stage only after the task is completed. In addition, it offers earnings from mobile devices.
  4. - Yandex service developer. The system is designed to improve search results. Here, employees are offered to determine the quality of the images, to understand what is presented in the video, how far the sites are spammed, and so on. Payment is not very high, about as in the postal service.
  5. - the main part of orders on this site is related to social networks. Some are asked to just put huskies. The most expensive tasks are writing reviews and comments. Recently added functionality for earnings on articles. There is no minimum amount for withdrawal.

Search for profitable orders through these sites, there are many advertisers for them, therefore orders appear every day. Do not be afraid of the fact that the interface is unfamiliar and on the sites a lot of additional features. When you understand all this, you will understand that projects are even better than any mailers.

Sites like Seosprint and Wmmail for earnings

The best sites that are similar to the Seosprint

Search for similar projects should be accompanied by some kind of goal. There are more jobs on Seosprint than on some mailers, which means that this problem flies away. It remains to lock the account, the desire to create additional sources of profit or the development of ref. networks on other sites.

For all this,

  1. Socpublic is an old mailer who received a new design not so long ago. In 2014, it was completely redone and changed the script. This affected the convenience of earnings and the number of tasks. Here are often held various promotions and contests, there are many ways to withdraw funds.
  2. is the main competitor of Seosprint, running on a similar script. The administration of the book holds contests for all indicators, even for the number of letters viewed. Deposit and withdrawal are instantaneous, many payment systems are connected, and the minimum amount for payment is unlimited.
  3. - not only does the site look like Seosprint, they have the same developers. Why do they need the same projects? At VIPProm, the balance is in dollars. More than $ 350,000 have already been withdrawn from it. The interface is no different, all the same functions are available, only tasks are much smaller.

It is difficult to work on several sites at once, but this is better than taking on all tasks in a row on any single box. You can choose only the best deals and add them to your favorites so that you can do the same thing every day, and as soon as you get decent amounts.

Sites like Seosprint and Wmmail for earnings

Sites like Seosprint are only more profitable

Whatever type of earnings the moneymaker does, there is always a choice. There are many identical sites, they coexist without problems, every system has fans. However, in terms of profitability, they all differ. If you want to earn more than Seosprint, register here:

  1. - the tasks are combined into one huge tape that you will see immediately after registration. Tests, surfing and letters here, too, there is, for one viewing of the site you can get up to 40 kopecks. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only 1 ruble, payments are made via Webmoney.
  2. - in the TOP of workers, there are often users who can earn more than 2,000 rubles per day. There are several types of earnings, payments are carried out every day. The main differences of the book are the absence of a timer in surfing and payment of up to 3 rubles for a guest referral.
  3. - a profitable mailer, because it is foreign. On it, you will definitely receive every day sites for paid viewing. There are many tasks, plus they can be performed on other projects without leaving your account. Be sure to participate in the daily lottery (you can win up to $ 10).
  4. - a classic clique sponsor, through which you can earn up to $ 12 for completing 1000 tasks on social networks. There are a lot of profitable orders, and quite recently the administration has added a program (and a browser plugin) so that you can earn money with a machine.
  5. - another foreign books, where there are no sites for viewing for money, but there are many interesting tasks. To fulfill them is somewhat difficult, without knowledge of foreign languages, but sometimes they are asked to simply subscribe to the social. networks or watch the video. Invite your friends, get 15% of their income.

Find the time to use all these sites at once. Yes, it will be difficult, but worth it. Be sure to work with affiliate programs, attract new members. If they work actively, the money in your account will constantly appear, even if you have not entered the profile at all.

Sites like Seosprint and Wmmail for earnings

Similar sites on Wmmail

It is difficult to compare similar sites with my favorite mailer, as I consider it to be the best. There are several reasons for this, people are actively communicating here (their community on the Internet), you can make money on articles, books are one of the oldest, plus favorable conditions for employees and a profitable affiliate program.

However, there are similar sites:

  1. - first of all it is similar in that there is also a store of articles in the bush. In addition, they earn automatically on mining cryptocurrency. Users install special utilities and, through them, the computing power of the PC is used. Now it does not bring as much money as before.
  2. - before, on Wmmail, a Webmoney wallet was required for registration, just like on this box. It opened in 2009, using the original script, but after the appearance of the Seosprint, its design was copied. But so far the books remain in almost all the TOPs.
  3. - the youngest site among all presented on this page. Experienced users are confident that he will still have time to compete with the leaders, but so far there are too few tasks. But profitable to build ref. network and while few people know about the project, it makes sense to start doing it.
  4. - even though there are minor tasks on the site, it differs from its counterparts. The system gained its main popularity for its expansion. It is installed in the browser, after which small banners are displayed when visiting any sites. There is also a 5-level affiliate program.
  5. - an excellent mailer for making money or for cheating. For the second, it is more suitable, since the rates are low here. The site has not been updated for a long time, it appeared in 2006. There is a two-level affiliate program, from the first line comes 10%, from the second 5%.

You should never dwell on any one project, you need to develop, and the sources of income should be different. Suddenly, something will happen to the site, your account, or you will not like something. There should be options for compensation, and now you know exactly how to organize them.

If you like doing tasks through social networks, be sure to register at


Despite the large number of similar sites, I would not advise you to refuse to work through Seosprint and Wmmail. Still, these postal workers have not just received such great popularity, they are really the best and it is on them a lot of work, plus worthy rewards.

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