Sites for self-development. How to do self-development?

You are still surprised that you are not rich, but what have you done for this? Yes, it is quite difficult to open a business or start a large website, but you need to start your journey to a wealthy life with self-development.

The more knowledge and skills you have, the more areas you can reach for work, and this is sure will affect finances.

This article contains the best sites for self-development. We strongly recommend every newbie to use them.

Hard work is unsuccessful for various reasons, and one of them is the complete lack of development. If you do not receive new knowledge, you will remain sitting in one place.

Sites for self-development. How to do self-development?

You don’t need to spend any money on books, there are a lot of interesting sites with which you will develop absolutely free of charge:

  1. - you should start with this one virtual library, which contains a summary of the huge number of books. The resource is Russian-language, and in the free mode several materials are available, where the essence of the book is as meaningful as possible (sometimes only the basic idea is presented). Access to the entire database by subscription.
  2. - athletes develop their body, and you need not only to keep fit, but also brain activity. This site offers various educational games that will help improve memory, attention, thinking speed, reaction, and so on. One minus - the site is in English.
  3. - nowhere is there no English, and with this site you will definitely learn it. According to experienced professionals, the training system is really effective here. Choose a foreign language learning system yourself. Interestingly, the training takes place in games, stories, videos and other ways.
  4. - business must also be dealt with, especially innovative. Evgeny Popov is a well-known author of a huge number of different information products and maintains his personal blog. As an option, you can use and earn extra money.
  5. - Photoshop professionals also always have enough work, and such skills come in handy for their projects. This blog contains a huge number of articles on photo editing, style application, 3D usage and graphics for websites.
  6. - even though many take this site not seriously, from there you can gather a lot of useful information. Layfkhaki published for all occasions, starting with what work is better to choose and ending with subtle psychological techniques, for example, how to like the people around them.

Self-education is one of the secrets of successful freelancers, copywriters, webmasters, optimizers, online entrepreneurs and all those who work in the network.

Education on the Internet is not required, but knowledge is always needed.

Sites for self-development. How to do self-development?

The Workion blog is also suitable for this list of useful sites. Every week we add new articles and try to help people to understand difficult issues.

The path to big money lies through personal development, because not a single stupid person has become a millionaire (if this is not a matter of chance).

As long as you do not have the opportunity to start your own business, engage in self-education, a couple of hours a day you can highlight this, and after a few months you will notice tangible progress.

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