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At SEOmoz, another useful article appeared on the internal website optimization. The author of the article is MariaSEO.

Site structure

Suppose you have a site that consists of a main page and three internal pages. This site sells toys and is called, respectively, toysabc. com. Imagine that for each page you selected one keyword (naturally, there may be more) - only 4 keywords (KW):

  • KW 1 - toys (main page, blue)
  • KW 2 - dolls (inner page, pink)
  • KW 3 - balls (inner page, green)
  • KW 4 - board games (inner page, red)

Site structure and internal linking - Profit Hunter

As soon as you define a keyword list, you can:

  • select the URL for each page;
  • decide which pages of the site and which keywords to sharpen;
  • fill in meta tags (meta title, meta description, H1, etc.);
  • optimize the text of the pages for the selected keywords;
  • add the keyword to the alt tag if an image will be placed on the page;
  • link the main and secondary pages using the correct anchor links.

If the internal pages of the site are devoted to one subject, you should link them to each other and to the main page of the site (among other things, this will help to achieve the effect of double issuance).

Site structure and internal linking - Profit Hunter

The linking of the site’s pages (preferably in the text than in the navigation menu) is important for two reasons: the first reason is usability (the visitor quickly finds the necessary information), the second is the indexing of pages ( the search engine finds new pages just as quickly).

  • A study by Jacob Nielsen showed that visitors spend much more time viewing the contents of a site than studying its standard elements: caps, basement, and side columns, where, as a rule, site navigation is located.
  • Search bots follow links in the text, which increases the chances of indexing the page. In addition, you can select the desired anchor links and, if necessary, change it.

The last figure will help you find the correct

  • page addresses;
  • meta tags;
  • direction and anchor of links to the main and internal pages;
  • alt-tag content for images on the site pages.

Site structure and internal linking - Profit Hunter

This scheme can be used for sites of any size.

The basis of this material is the Randfish: My Personal Opinion article: 90% of the Rankings and Best Practices for Targeting Generic. Specific Terms. Phrases.

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