Site Content and Google. What does Google like about the site?

The task of each webmaster is to create a site that will appeal not only to people, but also to search engines.

Search engines are the main source of traffic, so you have to take into account all their requirements in order to promote your resource. And the most important factor for search engines is the quality of the content.

The Google search engine is used less frequently in RuNet than Yandex, but you can get a lot of traffic from it.

What content does Google like? By answering this question, you will be able to select the format for posts, for promotion in the global search engine. There are several types of materials that Google mostly likes, and now we’ll tell you about them.

Site Content and Google. What does Google like about the site?

  1. Useful and complete information. In Google, in the first place on a variety of requests, is Wikipedia. This is a trust resource on which materials are published are not so well optimized, but informative. Based on this, you need to create on your site such materials that people really need and try to make them complete.
  2. Interview. Experts are in all areas, so you can definitely find a specialist for the topic of your resource. We have already told you how to interview, and its value depends on how popular a person you choose.
  3. Lists and ratings. Another kind of content that Google likes. On any topic you can make useful collections. As practice shows, such posts attract a lot of attention from users. Use the form "TOP 10 ...", "Rating ..." and "5 best ...".
  4. Reviews. Before you use any service, service or buy a product, users are looking for reviews. This is useful content, which means that Google will definitely like it. Again, there are no restrictions, you can publish reviews of anything, hours, cell phones, games, and so on.
  5. Polls and Voting. The audience of your visitors should be activated in every possible way, and one of the best ways is to conduct surveys and polls. For example, you have compiled the material on item 3, and at the end suggested readers choose the best service (book, program, etc.).
  6. News. Actual information is one of the most interesting, and Google search engine is positive about filling sites with such posts. Just create a news section on your resource and add actual data to it (use news portals).
  7. Updated content. Each site has pages that contain outdated content. PS Google has a positive attitude to updates in older materials. In addition to adding relevant information, you can expand your publications, complementing them with other data.
  8. Studies, experiments, cases. Internet users have a lot of questions, and search engines try to answer them. Composing detailed instructions, conducting your own research and conducting experiments, you add useful information, so it will definitely like Google .

Site Content and Google. What does Google like about the site?

To deserve the respect of the global search engine is not so simple, but everything is in your hands. Now you know what content Google likes, and you can fill your resource with a certain type of material. But besides this, you must know how to optimize the post.

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