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Information in our time is a valuable object that people try to get in various ways.

Not surprisingly, owners of large companies often try to hack email, infect computers with viruses, or even listen phone, because this is one of the possibilities to eliminate competitors.

How do I know if the phone is tapped? You do not have to be a successful businessman to worry about the safety of your phone conversations. A jealous spouse, friends and foes who want to get into privacy and find out something secret can establish a wiretap.

Signs of phone tapping | Workion. ru

Now it is easy to set up listening on the phone . Through the Internet, you can order special devices, and even better to use the programs that are loaded into smartphones and work hidden.

Internet banking and fraud is one of the reasons why the wiretap of the phone is being installed, you need to be constantly on the alert.

Depending on how your phone is tapped, the symptoms may vary. If you recently lost your phone, took it to a service center, or forgot it from someone at home, it is possible that the device is already being tapped.

Here are some frequently encountered hints that someone is eavesdropping on your conversations:

  • there were extra noises in the handset (not the best way to check, as this may be interference);
  • the sounds of the beeps have changed, and an echo has appeared (use devices to catch sounds that the human ear cannot hear);
  • hold the device to the speakers and make sure that while you are not speaking, interference does not appear;
  • if a bug is installed in the handset, then when brought up to the radio, it will cause interference (if the device operates on FM waves);
  • phone can make sounds when you don't use it. This is direct evidence that the speaker is activated (the microphone can also be activated);
  • batteries on the mobile devices get very hot when they have a listening software;
  • if you use a modern smartphone, install the programs which show what the battery charge is going to ();
  • if you have to wait for a long time when you turn off the phone, this may indicate listening to it (but it can also say that the phone is outdated and it's time to buy a new one); 30>
  • listening to the phone at the program level, malicious shlenniki can send messages with different codes (control the virus), pay attention to the SMS with the character set;
  • consistently request an account statement on your phone to make sure that you spend money only;
  • glitches in the work of the smartphone also indicate a possible virus infection. Install antiviruses and check your device for spyware with;
  • as an option, you can ask the operator to check if there are any additional connections to your connection;
  • you can disassemble your phone and see if it does not have additional fees, if there are any extra wires, and so on.
Signs of phone tapping | Workion. ru

If you suspect that you are being listened to or are confident of this, feel free to contact the police. Your rights are violated, so the attacker will respond before the law.

Unfortunately, there is always the likelihood that a wiretap is being followed behind you and sometimes it is impossible to determine. About ways to check whether the phone is tapped, you now know, and you can use them. Be careful, even those who work with you together, can get into privacy.

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