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Shuffle key phrases - Profit Hunter Eli shared his idea with BlueHatSeo how to significantly increase the search traffic of online stores, chameleon sites and other more or less large projects.


Suppose you have a website based on a large database (such as the ones I mentioned above). Each page of the site has a header optimized for a specific key phrase, for example, " 17 Inch Water Pipes for Sale ". You have several thousand such pages, so it’s extremely difficult to track the performance of each individual page and make the appropriate changes based on the data obtained. Especially since most tools for searching key phrases often give inaccurate data, for example, they show that the phrase “MySpace Pimps” receives 10k requests per day, and in fact, as many requests are received by the phrase “Pimps on MySpace”. For this reason, you already now may have pages that could bring in hundreds of additional visitors per day if you swapped some words in their headlines. Again, it’s almost impossible to manually control this process, so you need a special script.


  1. Add an additional field to all database entries that relate to the pages of the site. Give this field any easy to remember name.
  2. Add a template or CMS script that will read the number of referrals from search engines and make an entry in the appropriate field.
  3. Do not do a month ...
  4. Call all the page names from the database (tag. Title.) And look through the list.
  5. Using Google / Yahoo / MSN API, check the positions of the pages for the relevant key phrases.
  6. If the page has risen well in the issue, check the counter figures with the number provided by the keyword search service. If traffic indicators are clearly under-reported, mix keywords in the title. ( Note: sometimes as a result of mixing you will get absolutely unsuitable for work phrases like " Pipes Sale Water for Inch 17 ", so you have to adjust the script, so that he would not endure articles and prepositions to the beginning of the phrase and did not break the main key phrase - in this case " Water Pipes ").
  7. Reset the hit counter.
  8. Wait another month and look at the changes in traffic. Every month traffic on the internal pages should increase. Popular pages will remain popular, and pages where there is almost no traffic will finally start attracting visitors.
  9. Review the list of headings and calculate the average number of words in them. If the majority of headings consists of 3 words, the maximum number of variants of such headings is six, therefore, the script should work no more than 6 months, because after that its work loses its meaning.

In six months, you will know exactly which headlines attract the maximum number of visitors and you can make the appropriate changes (of course, if this is necessary).

Remember that the more you can squeeze out of one site, the less you have to create other sites, the more time you will have to develop other ways of earning on the Internet.

Hint for those who work with cyclical sites: use this technique for those cycling sites that you decided to leave in the ranks and did not close after the one-month period. According to Eli, he had cases when a change in the headers increased search traffic by a cyclo site more than 50 times! In addition, he says that after mixing the headlines, the number of complaints from bloggers is significantly reduced.

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