Should I take a loan Taxi Money?

The popularity of gaming earnings in the network is growing rapidly, and at the same time, people are investing more and more money in games with the withdrawal of money.

Almost all of them require replenishment of the balance, but sometimes it is proposed to take loans (within the project) and due to this ensure an effective start.

Credit, take it or not? Such a question appears in many newbies, since this is the most popular game with the withdrawal of funds and without starting capital it does not start.

Everything can take it, it is easy, but you need to take into account the conditions. In the future, will have to give more, there are pitfalls.

Should I take a loan Taxi Money?

To begin without a large amount and grow, the administration offers to get a loan. In your office, under the balances for withdrawal and purchases, you will find a link to go to the loan:

Should I take a loan Taxi Money?

There are several options to choose from, but none of them are profitable. You can take money at 0. 8% per day for 50 days, but it turns out that overpayment is 40% . Simply put, you take 1000 rubles, and you have to pay 1,400 rubles.

At the same time, to issue a loan, it is necessary to deposit at least 100 rubles, and if it is not returned on time, the profile can be blocked.

Should I take a loan Taxi Money?

Now some will think, but what's the problem, take the money, buy the cars and they will quickly recoup the necessary amount. Do not rush to conclusions, because a refund is possible only through replenishment.

You cannot repay a loan from an account for purchases or for withdrawal, you need to replenish the balance, so you just throw out some of the funds:

Should I take a loan Taxi Money?

The withdrawal is blocked until you will not pay the loan, i.e., until you make a deposit on the amount that remains to be paid. As you can see on the image, having received 600 rubles at 1%, it remains to return 980 rubles.

It is better to immediately deposit 1000 rubles , get a 25% bonus (the first deposit is given) and develop for 1250 rubles than go into debt.

With Taxi Money game, I now consistently make good money. Once there were doubts, he began to invest a little and reached serious deductions:

Should I take a loan Taxi Money?

Beginners often take a loan from Taxi Money without knowing all the rules, therefore they face a problem later on. If you want to start, but you do not have the money yet, it is better to use free ways to earn money.

Where can I get money for investments in Taxi Money?

The easiest way is to invite new players. You will have to deal with this in any case, since for withdrawal, rubles are required on the passenger account.

They can still be earned in the city through order fulfillment, but with referrals it is much easier. Use any ways to recruit referrals, I use this option myself.

Don't you like this method? No problem, you can use any other types of remote side job:

  • tasks on mailers;
  • selling finished articles;
  • entering captcha;
  • selling photos through Foap;
  • earnings in social. networks;
  • easy money making with Globus-inter.

With these methods, you can gradually collect small amounts and immediately deposit them into the Taxi Money game balance. Gradually, many cars will accumulate in your garage, after which you will be able to throw all your efforts at working in the city or inviting referrals.

Try not to invest in one project, it is better to distribute investments across several systems. From high-quality and stable games, I will highlight



You can make money in games, and Taxi Mani was and remains in my priority. It is from this project that the daily income has reached its maximum, and 12,000 rubles are withdrawn every day without any problems. Of course, there are some doubts that the game may someday close, but so far there are no prerequisites for this.

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