Should I sell links on new exchanges?

Search engine representatives are increasingly drawing the attention of webmasters to the fact that they need to refuse to buy links, but they do not alter the algorithms.

Against this background, the number of exchanges with links is constantly increasing and in some cases it is a bit more profitable to work with them.

Should I sell links on new exchanges? Most site owners say no, because there are many proven projects. Nevertheless, there is a sense to use the services that have just appeared. It is possible that they even manage to earn more.

Should I sell links on new exchanges?

Selling links on new exchanges

The main reason for not cooperating with new exchanges is the low number of buyers. Yes, until the exchange has gained enormous popularity, there will be significantly less orders in it, but the competition between webmasters will be minimal.

In most cases, the developers of exchanges spend serious money on advertising their project, thereby attracting new customers, and if the number of sites is not large, then the likelihood that they will buy the link from you will increase.

As for the security of cooperation with new exchanges, then there is no need to worry. Yes, fraudsters are everywhere, but link exchanges are created by them extremely rarely.

The fact is that money is distributed almost immediately, so organizers will not be able to quickly collect a large amount of money. For many years of work in the network, we have never met exchanges from which, it would not have been possible to withdraw money.

Should I sell links on new exchanges?

Another positive point in cooperation with new exchanges is the ease of adding a site. While there are not many webmasters on the project, the creators of the exchange close their eyes to many things, if only new sites for placing links appear in their databases.

Even if your site is not ideally suited to the requirements, try adding it, it is quite possible that you will receive a positive response.

Earnings on the sale of links from new reference exchanges are not as bad as it may initially appear.

Keep an eye on the emergence of new resources in this niche and actively cooperate with them; the more links you get on the placement of links, the more choice you will have. It remains only to collect payment from the most profitable transactions and get the maximum profit.

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