Should I make money on Forex?

There are so many articles about making money on Forex on the Internet that anyone can quickly learn how to trade.

Unfortunately, there is one big minus - some authors are frankly cunning and talking about huge earnings, nothing having achieved. They do this to attract referrals, and they absolutely do not care about the success of newbies.

The realities of earning on Forex are far from those stories when it is told about successful earnings from almost nothing. There are isolated cases when traders managed to multiply the initial capital by several times.

Some do lose all the funds in just a few days, not many manage to trade in plus and gradually derive net profit.

Should I make money on Forex?

There is no doubt that the use of a currency exchange is a profitable business. However, it becomes profitable only for those who have learned to conduct transactions.

On our website we presented 5 reasons to invest in Forex, as it is a reliable, actively developing and profitable area.

The first steps need to be done not from deals, but from learning. We'll have to learn how to build a fundamental and technical analysis, learn how to apply indicators, learn strategies, learn the rules of successful trading, and competently manage capital.

It all takes a lot of time, so on the first day, don’t expect to earn anything at all.

There are a lot of scammers in Forex, so if you decide to engage in trading, use the services of the best brokers.

In order to entice newbies, they often get screenshots of profitability per month over 100%. It is sometimes possible to achieve such an indicator, but it is extremely difficult.

The average level of a trader's monthly profit is about 25% of the capital. At the same time, income constantly floats, because bad deals are also made.

Based on this, a novice will not be able to increase capital even after 2-3 months from the date of trading. It should be understood that the currency exchange was created somewhat for other purposes.

The best scheme for its use is investments of tens of thousands of dollars and investments in accurate forecasts, even with a small percentage. Due to large capital, even a small percentage of the profit becomes a round sum.

It is impossible to withdraw all the money, you can spend only net income, so that the rest of the amount scrolls further.

Should I make money on Forex?

If you want to achieve higher profitability in a short time, it is better to use binary options (for one transaction you can get 70% of income).

Beginning traders blindly believe that by investing money in Forex, they will get rich and start “cutting loot”. Statistics show the opposite, almost 90% of newbies completely lose the money invested.

Why? Because they do not attach much importance to forecasting and after reading several articles they consider themselves professional . Do not repeat their mistakes, if you decide to get rich with the help of a currency exchange, start learning right now.

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