Should I keep several sites at the same time?

The earnings of webmasters make many people think about how profitable their work is and maybe it should be changed to maintain online resources.

Website development can really become a profitable activity, but in order to rely on decent contributions, you will need to implement several sources of profit at once.

Should I run several sites at the same time? It is much better to put this question a little differently - can you manage several sites at the same time? Since it is even more profitable to maintain a whole network of resources, we can only accompany one site.

In addition, you can run projects for all your interests and thereby diversify activities.

Should I keep several sites at the same time?

How to manage several sites?

As in any other remote job, you first need to take care of the discipline. Only if you make yourself a clear plan of action, it will be easy for you to do the necessary work.

Try to create a schedule for one day, besides the fact that it will be more convenient to work, you will save a lot of time. Do not forget that in the daily routine must be provided for pauses. Even a short lunch break can replenish your energy.

When accompanying several sites, it is important to divide your work by day. For example, if you have 5 sites, do one of them every day, that is, work for a full five-day week.

When work between individual sites does not mix, it is easier to perform and the risks of making mistakes become lower. It should be added here that the weekend must be maintained all the time. Rapid success is good, but because of your regular work, you lose your mood too quickly.

Now I would like to talk about the development and promotion of sites. The division of work on them is also necessary in terms of promotion. You should not copy the promotion methods, work with the same services, buy links from some donors and so on.

You have several resources, this is a serious advantage, try to develop them in different ways and set up experiments to determine the most effective options.

Accompanied by several resources, there is nothing bad, but you need to understand that the more sites you have, the more you will have to work.

If you invest effort in one platform, then the others will never come out on the same level, and accordingly the profit from them will be much lower. Do not take risks, suddenly something happens to your main site, develop the entire network of sites in the same way.

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