Should I invest in the pyramids? Is the pyramid a scam?

Doubtful, but very attractive earnings on the pyramids do not cease to attract more and more people.

Contributions to financial structures for some seem like a waste of money, while others are confident in their enrichment. You can argue about this as much as you like, so it’s better to look at dry examples.

A huge number of people managed to make a profit from the pyramids, but no smaller audience had to face deception.

Is it worth investing in the pyramids? Everyone has to decide on his own, risk him with his savings or use less profitable, but real opportunities to increase money.

Should I invest in the pyramids? Is the pyramid a scam?

Pyramids - is it a scam?

To say that this is a deception of people is impossible, because many have managed to make good money. Most likely, the key moment in this is the selection of the right time for entry.

According to the organizers of the pyramids, each participant becomes a little richer, but people often don’t pay attention to one interesting fact where the money comes from?

Think for yourself, suppose 200 people contributed 10 rubles each , and the total capital of the project amounted to 2000 rubles. If this amount is distributed among the participants equally, then there can be no question of any profit.

If someone gets an increase in contribution, then others get nothing at all. A vicious circle, where, according to the organizers, a constant influx of new participants helps.

At the start, it helps, which is why, when the pyramid is just developing, it makes sense to invest in it. But when the project has already "outlived" its own, it is better to abandon the entry and contributions.

In the article about making money on the Rosen Rings project, we talked about one of the pyramids, which is now actively developing. It also implements an interesting scheme that will work for a long time, due to the division of people into separate matrices.

Pyramids can bring money

As they say, everyone has their own truth, but as long as you don’t try to invest your money, does it make sense to make loud statements? Of course, there are a lot of scammers in this area right now, but there are also people who are really trying to implement unusual money distribution schemes for the long term.

Most importantly, when you try to join MLM, do not use “urgent” money. Also, we advise you to invest not big money.

It is best to find several proven pyramids and make a small contribution to each of them. Thus, you diversify your investments and reduce the risk of losing the entire amount.

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