Should I buy a domain with TIC? Domains with TIC, buy or not?

When launching a new site, each webmaster tries to find the most suitable domain for his project.

It can be extremely difficult to do this, so you can consider previously used domains to expand the range of options. In addition, you can find names with already increased TIC.

Is it worth buying a domain with TIC? Immediately I would like to dispel a common misconception that the TIC indicator does not affect the search results in any way. Based on this, it makes no sense to buy such domains, and in general to increase the rate in order to advance in the issue. But there is another benefit from it.

Should I buy a domain with TIC? Domains with TIC, buy or not?

Domains with TIC, to buy or not?

First you need to figure out how this puzomerka is assigned.

There are 3 main factors that Yandex relies on when establishing the TIC:

  • the number of links to the site;
  • matching the subject of the site and donors ;
  • donor quality.

Most likely, over time, some of the TIC will be “lost”, since links are set not only to the domain, but also to individual pages of the resource. Given that there are no more, the weight is not transmitted, so the next update, do not be surprised that puzomerka became less. But the part will definitely remain and this may be a plus for:

  • fast monetization of the site through selling links;
  • the ability to add a project to various affiliate programs and systems;
  • direct advertisers will be sure to contact you;
  • due to this, you will gain credibility of the resource.

In addition to all this, if the domain has a TIC, then there is a good reference mass. Most webmasters develop their projects by buying links, and by buying a domain with TIC, costs can be reduced. The only important point is to take into account the theme of donors and the site that was previously on the domain.

Should I buy a domain with TIC? Domains with TIC, buy or not?

There are significant drawbacks to the purchase of domains with TIC and in the first place - the risks of getting the site under the filters. But even greater risks are to buy a domain from scammers.

A high citation index can be obtained by gluing domains or buying temporary links, so immediately after the sale the weight of a pume measure can simply dissolve.

It is up to you to buy a domain with a TIC or start from scratch, the most important thing is to be careful and not to trust questionable offers.

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