Should I add a mobile version of the site?

Modern webmasters are trying to keep up with the times and constantly take into account the development of technology.

Today, one of the most actively developing areas in the virtual environment is the mobile Internet. A huge number of people buy mobile devices to access the Internet, and the percentage of such users is growing at a high speed.

Does the site need a mobile version? Before such a question there are many webmasters On the one hand, it certainly will not be superfluous, but on the other hand, these are additional expenses and additional efforts. I would just like to say that not all resources necessarily require the creation of a mobile version, in some cases it does not make sense.

Should I add a mobile version of the site?

The project theme plays a key role. If the site is entertaining or intended for young people, then the mobile version can be an excellent step towards the development of the site. Representatives of the young audience are much more active in using modern technologies, so a separate version can be developed for them.

To be convinced, in need of development of the new version of your project, surely estimate statistics. Different counters allow you to quickly and easily determine the percentage of visitors who come from mobile devices.

Before relying on statistical data, be sure to check if your site is displayed correctly in different resolutions, because the percentage may be underestimated if your resource is not available from mobile devices.

Should I add a mobile version of the site?

Who exactly doesn’t need a version for mobile devices?

For projects on serious topics, you can not create an additional version. For example, if you present on a site data on landscape design, various graphics, full-fledged construction plans and the like, then visitors are unlikely to use mobile devices to visit.

The percentage of attendance from mobile devices will necessarily be , but these will most likely be people who are looking for simple information and quick answers to questions, rather than those who really decided to use data from your site.

Before you start developing another version of the site, be sure to answer the question of whether your visitors need it. If this is not so important, then you can not waste energy on additional work, the more your platform can be, so it is correctly displayed on screens with different resolutions.

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