Settings and additions to Flock - Profit Hunter

Settings and additions to Flock - Profit Hunter I hope you have already set up your Flock browser and have seen what is there. Today, I (from the words of Ed Dale) will talk about the settings and additions to this wonderful (but so far largely unexplored) tool. Video tutorials in the original can be found here and here. I advise you to watch them at least for the reason that it will be useful for you to know what miracles you can do with video podcasts on Mac. Kamtazia and not lying next.

(Although the Marathon 2008 is already gaining momentum, you should not forget about the most recent Spring Marathon, thanks for announcing which today is sent to Vladimir Lapshin, the author of the blog Brimz. Ru. I am sure that these Marathons will perfectly complement each other friend.)

In fact, the settings in Flock are similar to those in FireFox (and they are there, Tools -. Options ... ), so you should have no difficulty with them. The only tab that is not found in FireLise is the Searching tab, where you can customize the search window functionality (in the upper right corner).

Settings and additions to Flock - Profit Hunter

Moreover, the RSS subscription button in the address bar of Flock is not on the right, as in FireFox, but on the left.

Settings and additions to Flock - Profit Hunter

Optimizing Flock

To speed up your browser, do the following:

1. Type about: config in the address bar.

2. In the Filter field, enter network. http .

Settings and additions to Flock - Profit Hunter

3. Double click on the line network. http. pipelining to change the value from false to true .

Settings and additions to Flock - Profit Hunter

4. Do the same with the network string. http. proxy. pipelining .

5. Change the value to network. http. pipelining maxrequests from 4 to 40. To do this, double click on the appropriate line and enter the value manually.

Settings and additions to Flock - Profit Hunter

6. Restart Flock.

7. Have fun 🙂

(Considering that at the moment the downloads on the Donkey take more than 90% of the incoming traffic from me, Flock began to work faster than before. The same hack is suitable for FireFox, I just checked .)

Addons for Flock

In 99% of cases, add-ons that work in Firefox will work in Flock, because, as I said in a previous post, both browsers are based on the same engine. The process of installing add-ons is also absolutely identical.

Here’s a list of add-ons that Ed Dale recommends installing:

  1. Google Global. Shows the results of issuing Google for different countries. For the US, you can also watch the results by state.
  2. Google Notebook. Simplifies the work with records. With it, you can take notes, copy pieces of text and make small notes, without leaving the browser.
  3. SEO for Firefox. No comment.
  4. SearchStatus. Shows the PR page and ranking of the Alexa domain.
  5. StumbleUpon. Addon from the social network StumbleUpon.
  6. TwitterBar. Improves posting links on Twitter. But with this addon, something incomprehensible, on the page with the description indicated that since version 1. 0 Twitter support is built into the browser itself. In general, time will tell what and how with this addon.
  7. TDC Toolbar. Corporate toolbar Marathon, which will help you throughout the course.
  8. PicLens. Visibly facilitates searching and viewing photos and videos on sites like YouTube and Flickr.

That's all for today.


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