Setting Disqus Comments on Blogger

Creating websites for making money is one of the best options. Most people do not even try to do this, because they do not understand HTML.

You will not need this knowledge if you use the designer

. Detailed instructions for using the service are in the article how to create a free blog.

Naturally, the functionality that you get to manage the site will be very limited. But it can be expanded if you use the add-ons.

For example, you can improve the form of comments using special services. There are a lot of them now, so the newbies have a question, what comments to install on Blogger? DISQUS answer.

Setting Disqus Comments on Blogger

This service has a number of advantages; after reading them, you will no longer doubt that it is better to use it:

  • you can track your comments, for this a convenient function is added;
  • you can follow the comments of individual users (identify spammers);
  • you can add several sites to your profile at once and follow comments at the same time;
  • files can be attached to comments;
  • tree-like comments help expand dialogs;
  • users can subscribe to individual threads comments;
  • every visitor to your site will be able to rate comments;
  • commentator avatars are added by default from Gravatar;
  • if your site has old comments, you can easily transfer them to DISQUS;
  • comments can be shared on social networks;
  • links from comments are indexed (more recently).

For a second do not doubt that DISQUS is the best option for adding comments. Add it and your visitors will be able to log in via social networks in order not to pass tedious registrations.

Adding this comment widget will not take long. First you need to register at Disqus. com, and then go to the profile to add your blog (you can simply follow this link). There you will see the following form:

Setting Disqus Comments on Blogger

Specify the site name, choose a short URL and a category. Click on the registration button and in the next step, you will need to choose a platform, we choose Blogger:

Setting Disqus Comments on Blogger

Next you will be offered several options for installing DISQUS on the site. We want to quickly add a widget, so choose the first item:

Setting Disqus Comments on Blogger

We are redirected to the Blogger page, where you can change the content or template, and also set the name of the widget:

Setting Disqus Comments on Blogger

It remains only to put the widget in the desired area, as well as make settings. Although you can do nothing, as the standard comment form from DISQUS will appear on your site:

Setting Disqus Comments on Blogger

As you can see, adding beautiful comments on your blog created via Blogger is not at all difficult, And this is one of the many ways to increase usability.

Professionals do not recommend using designers, as there are too many restrictions in terms of site management.

However, for beginners, this is an ideal way to launch the first resource for free and try your hand at a profitable niche. Use Blogger and bring the site to perfection , due to additional functions.

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