Service for team work and time management Wrike

In many ways, large companies owe their success to competent managers. Managers, managers, and each employee individually must correctly manage personal time and constantly monitor matters.

Organizational moments exhaust and spend a lot of time, but without this you cannot achieve effective teamwork.

Manage your business with the American project management system, translated into Russian.

Without such a tool, even an experienced entrepreneur will not always be able to properly distribute working time, effectively manage project communications, and correctly distribute the workload of his team. Planning, control and convenient work are fundamental to this project.

Service for team work and time management Wrike

Wrike in Russian for business

A team of professionals can carry out various projects. Creating websites, conducting advertising campaigns, creating information products and much more requires a competent approach. Using Wrike makes it much easier to manage projects online, and you don’t have to pay for it.

For teams up to 5 people a free tariff is available, large companies will have to pay:

Service for team work and time management Wrike

Large, popular companies have long been using the service. The developed platform allows you to monitor the work of each employee, track results, work comfortably in a team remotely.

Students at Wrike are provided with the Professional tariff absolutely free of charge (but for no more than 15 people).

Wrike reviews from real entrepreneurs are presented on the official website:

Service for team work and time management Wrike

There are always problems with teamwork via the Internet. It is inconvenient to store information, problems with access, you have to use different means of communication and so on.

Here everything is combined, one tool replaces many others, and the interface is thoughtful and convenient:

Service for team work and time management Wrike

Managers and managers are too difficult to follow the actions of employees, therefore Wrike designed to solve this problem. In addition to reducing the cost of time, increasing the speed of work. Try to work with the system and see for yourself how effective it is.

How to get started with Wrike?

Wrike offers to specify Email on the main page to go to registration. Specify the mail, and follow the link from the letter. First, the questionnaire is filled out, then the data of employees are indicated, and one of the tariffs is selected (the first 14 days you do not need to pay).

This is where the work begins, to use Wrike, you need:

  1. Create a task in the "My Projects" section. It can be created for you or your colleagues:
  2. Service for team work and time management Wrike
  3. To select performers, the choice is made according to the list of people you added in your profile:
  4. Service for team work and time management Wrike
  5. Select the deadline, everything should have boundaries, the work cannot last forever, but you should not specify too short a time:
  6. Service for team work and time management Wrike
  7. You start the project and, every employee sees him in a tape. You can create tasks separately for each employee, this is the task of the manager. Details are discussed in the comments:
  8. Service for team work and time management Wrike

Wrike service is available in the web version and in the format of mobile applications. They are created for Android and IOS, there is no difference in interface. According to, now there is an active work on adding a new functionality to the applications:

Service for team work and time management Wrike

Begin to competently manage any projects and work professionally in a team. Without a real office, it is difficult to deal with organizational issues, but Wrike solves this problem.

Two-week free access is quite enough to understand that without such a tool, an entrepreneur is like without hands.

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