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The first thing you notice when dealing with the Serious Partner is that its creators are clearly serious about their seriousness: no spreading through the tree, a concise interface, short on explanation. At work, the impression deepens - the support responds promptly and competently, the attitude towards partners as professionals to equal professionals (in updating the system to version 3. 0 appeared, for example, the ability to receive payments on request in addition to the standard weekly scheme - the arbitrators will surely understand how convenient it is), extensive functionality. Against this background, it is not surprising that, unlike dozens of affiliate programs that appear every day and tomorrow they die safely, the Serious Partner has been living for a long time, well, developing and providing partners with quite a good envelope.

What is so good about him?

First of all, this is a specialization. Not trying to embrace the immense, the Serious Partner partner program has identified two main areas of subscriptions for itself and is very active in promoting them. There are, however, and others, but rather play the role of a pleasant addition and fallback options.

The first main line of payscars is adult dating sites , of which there are currently 11 pieces. They are made in the manner of well-known social networks, so that the visitor feels at home and would rather be set to fork out. Here it is necessary to mention such a remarkable find, as the translation of some of the payment programs into other languages, which is particularly appropriate in this direction. The same "Sex in Mamba" has been translated into 21 languages ​​- perhaps there is no better way to convert foreign traffic.

serious affiliate program - Profit Hunter

Next are Vkontakte games — three of them, for such popular projects as Tyuryaga, Wormix, and Mysterious House. Naturally, they are designed to convert traffic from Vkontakte and are aimed at the same thing - to pump characters in the corresponding games, so while people play them, there will be no problems with conversion.

The rest of the payers are highlighted in other - a variety of traffic is converted here: female, social, entertainment, employment, and so on. Especially it is necessary to single out two additional adult-paid games: "Erotic video chat" and a new one, called "Zharevo" The first one is, in fact, what the title says, the second is paid access to the affiliate program’s own, "perky video." What kind of traffic to convert them - I think, no need to explain.

With regard to the actual work with the system, it is impossible not to mention the promotional materials, which there is a very extensive set: banners of various sizes, questionnaires, the ability to create questionnaires yourself, and interactive banners-teasers and more a number of others.

Well and, for dessert, a couple more details:

  • A large percentage of deductions - 75% of the billing deductions by default, can reach up to 85% when a certain amount is reached per day.
  • Affiliate with 10% deductions.
  • Variety of ways to withdraw funds (Webmoney, PayPal, Paxum).
  • Possibility of parking domains,
  • ... and much more.

serious affiliate program - Profit Hunter

serious affiliate program - Profit Hunter

In short, if you can get traffic, you have your own thematic resources, then it’s quite possible that with Serious Partner very along the way.

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