SeoLinks plugin for relink in Joomla

When optimizing their site, webmasters spend a lot of time on various actions that can be performed through special plug-ins. The relink plugin for Joomla, which we describe in this article, is a useful tool by which you can set up automatic setting of internal links.

The name of this plugin is quite simple to use and also stands out because it supports materials created in K2. You can find it on the Internet, it is free and suitable for versions of Joomla 1. 5 and 2. 5.

SeoLinks plugin for relink in Joomla

Automatic linking to Joomla

After standard download and Installing this plug-in, in the "Extensions" section - "Plugin Manager" a new line of SeoLinks will appear, you will need to go to it in order to configure the necessary parameters:

SeoLinks plugin for relink in Joomla

Yes not much, but on the other hand it is convenient and very easy to understand in the plugin. In the upper part in the field "Process" it is better to choose the value "only become", otherwise the links will be set in the headers. It is enough to insert the desired anchors in the link field and use the symbol to indicate the links to the internal pages of the site.

The last field is the number of links on one page; it is optimal to set from 1 to 3 links.

Thanks to this convenient plugin, you can get rid of the constant linking and at the same time provide a lot of internal links on your website. Now you know that there is nothing difficult in its use, which means that you will not have to spend time studying the interface and settings.

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