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Greetings to my colleagues in the workshop.

Have you heard of this great news? No ...

Then you lost a lot. But do not worry and worry. Now I will quickly bring you up to date and will tell you in detail why it is you who should join the slender ranks of our BANDA (I apologize for a slip of the pen) or in an official language of our non-commercial service for blog owners helpmyblog. ru.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer the free name Brotherhood of Bloggers .

Why the Brotherhood?

It's simple: we created an excellent service, within which every blogger can support any other member. In this case, the following action occurs: a blogger who helps, gets a certain amount of points for support and improves his rating in the system.

Then everything is simple, the more points you have accumulated, the higher the blog in our system will be quoted. And the higher your resource will stand, the more people will see your Blog and, accordingly, will click on the links and go to it. So this process is mutually beneficial for newbies who receive help and experienced bloggers who receive hundreds of new subscribers. It turns out that we have created not just a service for blog owners, but the whole Brotherhood of Bloggers, where every blogger becomes a brother to a less experienced comrade.

In order not to be unfounded, I’ll give you the following figures:

  1. The service was launched on December 29, 2011
  2. More than 1600 people have already registered (with This should take into account that 2 weeks were New Year's holidays, and no one worked)
  3. At the moment, more than 900 blogs are registered in the service
  4. And most importantly, more than 12,000 supports were provided (and this is all for free )

The Brotherhood of Bloggers is constantly growing and developing

For example, on January 8, such chips appeared:

  • Uploading your photo instead of the standard one images
  • Display of links to your profiles on social networks. From this it follows that the list of your friends will constantly increase. Visitors will be able to access not only your blog, but your services on Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter
  • January 25, we introduced automatic moderation of support facts. Now, if you did everything right, then the check and scoring will be instantaneous.
  • And most importantly, a subscription to notifications about the support of your blog has been entered. So you can instantly see who supported you! Just imagine how they come, messages to your address (where someone shared a link to your blog in a social network or someone told about you on his blog). True, great?

And so there is a great idea of ​​mutual support. If someone has supported me, then I definitely want to thank such a person. It's so nice to support someone who just helped you.

This is how a real FAMILY is born. At the same time you save your time, resources and money. After all, all these services you will receive - for FREE.

Where else could you find this. This is just a fairy tale in reality.

And in conclusion, what awaits you on our service:

  1. Attract free and fast quality subscribers to your blog
  2. Find new attractive partners in your subject
  3. Get a large number of links to your resource in social. networks and from other blogs, which favorably affects the popularity of search engines
  4. All together, it will help your blog to quickly take off and unwind

By To my opinion, the listed facts are enough to make the right choice.

Join the fraternity of bloggers today and 1000 new subscribers will find out about you tomorrow, especially if your blog gives out really valuable and new information on how to do business and not only.

What needs to be done first?

Sign up on the helpmyblog blog. ru right now, take an active part and just watch how quickly your subscription base is increasing.

Bloggers of All Countries Unite - The Brotherhood of Bloggers is Waiting for You.

See you at helpmyblog. ru!

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