SEO tips for copywriters, properly optimized text

You can earn on copywriting! It is unlikely that such a statement can surprise regular readers of our blog. Many people think that writing and selling articles is capable of generating not a big profit, but this is not so.

If you build a career as a successful copywriter, you can achieve large profits and, last but not least, stable profits.

SEO tips for copywriters, properly optimized text

Proper SEO copywriting

In order for copywriting to start generating more profit, you need to learn how to make not just text, but optimized materials. This is not so easy to do, so we have compiled 10 tips for SEO copywriters:

  1. Before writing an article, to optimize it you need to identify keywords. Do not overdo it, 3-4 keywords will be quite enough.
  2. When choosing keywords, try not to use words and phrases with a high frequency such as "auto" or "earnings on the Internet." Buyers of articles in most cases looking for materials that are optimized for mid-range queries.
  3. When filling an article with keywords, be sure to monitor concentration. Keywords should not occupy more than 7% of the total text.
  4. In an optimized material, there must be headings and subheadings (h2, h3, h4, etc.). The more there are, the better. Here it is worth adding that the keywords in the subtitles are welcome.
  5. In the process of writing text and introducing keywords, try to evenly distribute them on the article. In other words, do not install several keys in one sentence.
  6. The first and last paragraph must contain key phrases.
  7. When inserting selected queries from search engines, make sure to correctly add them to the text. They should not burden or negatively affect the semantic component of your article.
  8. It is not necessary to fill the article with direct keys. To dilute the text, set them in various cases, numbers and times.
  9. Fill in the article with various lists, labeled and numbered, quotes and footnotes. Search engines have a positive attitude to such articles.
  10. A lot of important factor is the name of your article. To make it literate, try to make a “flashy” heading and also embed keywords in it.

SEO tips for copywriters, properly optimized text

To make sure that writing SEO articles brings great profit, you can visit one of the copywriting exchanges and analyze the prices for services of some authors. On average, rewriting is asked for 20-25 rubles, copyright 30-35 rubles, and SEO copyright is estimated at 40-45 rubles .

You should agree that writing optimized texts is much more profitable than doing rewriting, but at the same time more difficult.

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