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Today, SEO optimization is the most important element in developing a website that every webmaster needs to consider. On the Internet, a lot of projects are concentrated on the topic of SEO optimization, but studying the articles on these sites, you may encounter inconsistencies.

Some authors argue that it is better to buy temporary links, others say that perpetual links are , this is the best option. Someone says that catalog runs are beneficial, while others do not recommend using such promotion methods.

There are disputes about the increase in not qualitative reference mass, since on the one hand problems may arise because of it, but on the other hand, on the contrary, it has a positive effect on promotion (even if it is insignificant).

SEO optimization information | Workion. ru

Seo optimization

Reliability of information about SEO optimization is in doubt, because each site owner understands some points in his own way and different processes occur in his practice . Experienced SEO experts do not often share their “secrets” and prefer to act rather than discuss their actions with other people.

Undoubtedly, sources of information must be used, but it would be foolish to trust them 100%.

Who can provide accurate information about SEO optimization? Of course, these are employees of search engines who have access to algorithms. Unfortunately, access to algorithms has a limited number of search engine workers, because they are kept in strict confidence.

That is why all the information about SEO optimization is created due to the experience that webmasters get after long site maintenance. Of course, there is reliable information in their materials, but it can be very difficult or even impossible to confirm it.

SEO optimization information | Workion. ru

Everyone knows optimization factors such as the uniqueness of articles, internal linking, the presence of external links, behavioral factors , etc. General optimization rules can be found almost every site relevant topics and analyzing them can be seen outright rewriting.

No one will tell you with a 100% guarantee that all his knowledge of SEO optimization is reliable information.

If you want to get a certain level of knowledge, but do not know which source to choose, it’s better to talk with an experienced optimizer. Find a person on the Internet who has long been engaged in the promotion of sites, and ask him all the necessary questions.

Do not be surprised if someone asks for money for communication, information on SEO optimization is valuable, especially if presented to her by a competent specialist.

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