SEO In 2015. How to promote websites in 2015?

The year 2015 has come, and the New Year holidays have passed, which means it's time to do business.

A lot of interesting events happened in the field of website optimization over the previous year and much has changed, but everyone is interested in what will happen in the future. Predicting possible changes is difficult, but by analyzing various factors, you can make some assumptions.

SEO forecasts for 2015 are more likely to focus on the development of already established trends, rather than on fundamental changes. This year several directions will be actively developed, and optimizers, as before, will have to take into account all the innovations in order to promote resources.

SEO In 2015. How to promote websites in 2015?

In this article we will look at several areas in which absolutely all optimizers will have to be thoroughly examined:

  1. Mobile technologies. It is already obvious that in the near future the search using mobile devices will take a leading position. The times of the wireless Internet have already arrived, and soon we will all forget that we need to stretch the leased line. Therefore, you need to think more quickly about mobile versions of sites and develop in this direction.
  2. The role of content marketing. More and more attention is paid to filling sites, which allows you to improve several indicators at once. Absolutely everyone needs to perform work related to content - it helps to improve the PF, create many pages of your resource, get natural links from other resources, and so on. But to optimize the content, too, need to be able to.
  3. Keywords. Now the main way to find relevant information on request helps keywords, but search engines are going to change the usual picture. Already, AdWords cannot run ads for specific keywords, and Google representatives explain this by saying that advertisers are not using this tool correctly and should try to answer questions from potential customers.
  4. Smart algorithms. To track the use of black and gray SEO, search engines constantly update the algorithms and, 2015 will necessarily be accompanied by a tightening of sanctions. The goal here is to make webmasters pay maximum attention to the quality of their projects and devote less attention to optimization. At least, buying links, cheating PF and other options to influence the position.
  5. Social networks. For several years in a row, social networks have been ranked among the top positions in various SEO optimization materials. This is not surprising, because more and more people come to the network only to visit their profiles, so Facebook has already managed to overtake Google by attendance. Therefore, each optimizer should be well versed in SMM and SMO.

SEO In 2015. How to promote websites in 2015?

In general, 2015 should not be some turning point , at least there are no prerequisites for this. Optimizers need to continue to follow trends and evolve to avoid mistakes, as bad SEO now does much more harm than quality SEO does.

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