SEO image optimization with XnConvert

High positions in search engines depend on many factors. To promote your site in the TOP, you need to take into account every little thing.

Beginners webmasters often neglect this, so they get places on the 5-10 page of issue. Even images can affect where the site is in the search results.

Optimizing images for a site c is the easiest way to reduce the weight of media files. How much space would be on your hosting, the size of the images should always be monitored. We have already told how to increase the download speed of the site, the work on the pictures is also included here.

SEO image optimization with XnConvert

What is image optimization and why is it necessary?

Everything that is posted on the Internet must be processed. Texts must be formatted, site code cleaned from unnecessary pieces, and files to compress. Image optimization involves reducing their weight without losing quality.

You do not believe that this is so important? Analyze any page with:

SEO image optimization with XnConvert

If you click on the "How to fix" link, you will receive a complete list of images that need to be compressed. This will not only save disk space on the hosting, but also increase the speed of loading pages.

Search bots take into account this factor, besides search engine optimization of images helps to significantly reduce the size:

SEO image optimization with XnConvert

As you can see, in our example, you can reduce the page weight by 25 % only by optimizing graphic elements. Manually redoing each picture is too difficult and time consuming, so software will be required to make changes.

Program for optimizing images

With the utility, you can quickly optimize any number of images in one click. The program is free, installed as standard, so problems should not arise. To use it, you must first download a folder with images on the site to your PC.

This is more convenient to do through Total Commander for working with FTP:

SEO image optimization with XnConvert

If you have a WordPress site, open the wp-content folder and then select Uploads, like shown in the image. This directory must be downloaded to a computer in order to optimize all images at once.

On each site, the folder with pictures may be called differently, be sure to make a backup copy so as not to create unnecessary problems for yourself.

Now we need to open the XnConvert program to load images there and quickly optimize them. Run the utility and at the bottom select "Add folder", and then select the copied site directory:

SEO image optimization with XnConvert

Be sure to check if there are any additional directories in your folder , they need to be added separately. After downloading the folder, you need to click the "Actions" button and configure some compression options.

Do everything on your own, I would recommend to use the removal of metadata:

SEO image optimization with XnConvert

In the Image tab, you can also change the color depth. Here you can set the color 64, it also reduces the weight of the images:

SEO image optimization with XnConvert

Use other parameters, experiment, and check if the quality has not changed much for the worse. It remains only to adjust the output (where the images will be saved) and you can press the "Convert" button. Remember that file names cannot be changed .

SEO image optimization with XnConvert is a universal method. Whichever engine you use, you can change all the images at once. Gone are the days when people were ready to wait a long time for pages to load, now they are just leaving the site, so you need to monitor the download speed.

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