Seo fast bucks review for earnings

On our blog you can find a huge amount of information about various sites that provide an opportunity to make money on the Internet.

Today we will replenish the "piggy bank" and tell you about the stable and quality resource

. This project is a click sponsor that has been operating for almost 2 years and has been used by a huge number of users.

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

Seo-Fast official website, earning for a beginner

Earnings on the Internet with Seo-fast also simple as earnings with other click sponsors.

You can choose from several activities:

  • Surfing.
  • Payable Letters.
  • Execution of tasks.
  • Passing the tests.
  • Making a profit from referrals.
  • Sale of referrals at the fair.

Typically, users use several methods at the same time. This allows you to get the maximum income. In addition, it is sometimes better to change the type of work so that it does not bother. Below we analyze each of the options separately.

Registration Seo-Fast

Registration on the Seo-fast site is very simple and is performed in just one step. What do you need to specify?

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

It’s enough to think up a nickname, specify the mailbox used and specify a password to log in to the system. After clicking on the link that will be in the letter, the account will be verified and you can get to work.

Referrals for Seo-fast

Compared to other mailers, this system is not yet so advanced, which means that you will be able to attract a large number of referrals. In addition, you can use automatic refback to work with referrals, which will definitely affect their activity.

What is a refback? This is a deduction of a part of the profit you receive from the user you invite. For example, if a user earns 1000 rubles, you get 30 rubles, and transfer some of them to your referral, thereby increasing his total profit and motivating him to continue to work actively.

How much exactly you will receive percent from the activities of referrals must be specified in special tables:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

As you can see, the amount of deductions directly depends on your rating. Also in this table you can observe the minimum amount for withdrawal. The status changes, depending on how actively the participant uses the system.

The rating goes up for:

  • logging in to your account daily;
  • completing tasks;
  • viewing billable emails;
  • passing tests;
  • each new referral;
  • 5% of the amount paid goes to the rating;
  • 3% of the amount paid by referrals goes to the rating.

So that it does not decrease, go to the site at least once a week, do not violate the rules of the book and carefully read the conditions of the tasks, a score is written off for their refusal. For users with the highest rating, the system becomes more profitable.

Earnings on viewing ads from Seo Fast

Do you still feel awesome earnings on viewing ads? Then register on the site and get paid for visiting the sites. To allocate profits by viewing ads, you need to use surfing or reading letters. In both cases, lists will be presented to you:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

By clicking on the headers, new tabs with a timer will open, after the time is up, the captcha is checked and your account is immediately received money.

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

The timer can be different, but rarely they need to spend more than one minute on the advertised site. As soon as the time runs out, you need to confirm that you are not a bot (you cannot leave the tab):

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

Working with surfing and letters is almost the same, in either case, sites for a small fee. The main advantage of this method is simplicity and instant crediting of money.

Earnings on completing assignments

On assignments, you can consistently make money, and the level of profit will depend on the amount of work you do.

What tasks are offered to be performed?

  • Registration with activity.
  • Registration without activity.
  • Clicks on advertising.
  • Posting to the forums.
  • Vote.
  • Leave feedback.

And many other categories of tasks you will find in the corresponding section. Users decide what to do, someone clicks on an advertisement, someone enters into groups or watches videos, a wide choice:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

After you select one of the tasks , go to its description and click "Start execution", the following page opens:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

Here you can see the description of the task, and also what you have to send to check its execution.In our case, this is the code located in the archive, therefore, we perform the download, indicate the code in the form and click the "Submit" button. Everything, the task is considered completed, and you can proceed to the next.

Earnings on passing tests

As for tests, this is an original way of earning, during which you will need to study the information on a particular page, and then answer a few questions. So that you have no questions, here is a specific example:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

As you see, there is nothing difficult in this, but it is worth noting that they pay from 10 to 20 kopecks.

You can withdraw money from your Seo-fast account to several payment systems. In your personal data, you can specify payment details and later easily withdraw money from the service to your wallet.

How to withdraw money from Seo Fast?

Slightly higher, on the image with the status table you can see what maximum amount you can bet per day on withdrawal, with a certain rating . To order payments from this site, you need to confirm the phone number. Verification via the email specified during registration is also required:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

You need to perform all these steps to open the possibility of output. The minimum amount is not here, so on the first day of work, beginners can get the money they earn. In the "Personal data" section, different wallets are added, then payments are made to them:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

If you use an advertising account, no checks are required. From 1 penny can be transferred to this balance, then to order from him some cheat. I have been using the site for a long time and received payments many times through different payment systems:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

Money comes quickly, especially when using Payeer. This site has already paid out over 45 million rubles, and in the "Payments" section you can see how often the payments from this site are ordered.

How to start working on Seo-fast?

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the interface. There is a lot of interesting things on the site, just click on each menu item and see what is shown there. Immediately after registration, it is advisable to go through verification and fill out your profile. This is the first mandatory step for making money.

The rating in the system determines access to certain sections and the percentage of earnings from referrals. To make it high, get achievements. There are many of them on the site, the conditions are different:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

The easiest way to watch the sites in surfing, so I recommend opening new pages to multiple users at once. While you get acquainted with the system, the first small money will come to the balance. From the start it is advisable to try yourself in the tasks. There are many of them on the site, try to fulfill at least 10 different orders:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

The interface is almost the same as Seosprint, the mailers are very similar. On the execution of tasks you can earn more money. What to do next? Try to attract the first referrals. Banners and links you get by clicking on the link:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

You can use any means of recruiting referrals. The first participants in your team, the easiest way to find through social networks. You can offer a job even to your friends, and then they will invite their friends and your team will increase. I make money on Seo Fast through an affiliate program and share my successes a bit later.

How to earn 50 rubles per hour on Seo Fast?

Forget about surfing and writing, you will not collect more than 100 rubles for them in a month. You can use the methods only for additional profit. It is necessary to concentrate on orders, with their help it is possible to achieve stable deductions. For an hour of work, you can accurately dial 50 rubles, but this is the maximum.

It is possible that there are active experienced workers who receive even more, but I could not earn more than 50 rubles per hour. How did I work? To achieve such a profit, you need to adhere to several rules:

  1. Selected assignments.

They need to be added to their own list, then to take on the same job. Each order has a button to add to the selection. Look for reusable tasks and collect your selection with decent pay:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

  1. Reward.

There are tasks with payment of more than 100 rubles, but you should not take them. You simply can not complete them or it will take several days. It is better to choose the easiest orders, albeit with a small payment. For example, tasks on cheating in social networks are quickly carried out:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

  1. Distractions.

Nothing should stop you from doing work. Get behind the computer, turn off the phone, close all unnecessary tabs and work hard. For an hour of 50 rubles to earn is not easy, you need to concentrate on work.

  1. Rating.

It is advisable to select tasks with the highest rating. According to him, many users have already received payments and left positive feedback. Therefore, this is a good suggestion. You can filter the list of tasks by status sorting:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

  1. Simultaneous work.

In many tasks, they are asked to spend 5 minutes on the website or watch a video for 5-10 minutes. Grasp the tasks, but do not sit back while the time drips. In the same 10 minutes, you can complete a dozen simple instructions:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

That's it, start actively working on tasks, trying to complete them as quickly as possible. I strongly recommend reading the article about the effective implementation of tasks on the mailer. There are various tricks and secrets to help you carry out more missions.

How much can you earn on Seo-fast?

What interests almost every beginner is prospects. What money should be expected, earning with Seo Fast? It is impossible to name the exact amount, because no one knows how much time you will spend on work, what exactly you will do.

For example, one of my referrals (not the most active) performs an average of 10-15 tasks daily. As he says, he chooses orders with payment of at least 3 rubles.

During the week he manages to collect 300-500 rubles . At the same time, he does not perform hundreds of instructions per day:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

The Seo-Fast bot is actively advertised on the Internet. Allegedly, he can on the machine to carry out orders and browse the sites in surfing. Do not get fooled by this scam. First, nobody will give you a working program. Secondly, it is prohibited by the rules of the site, the account is simply blocked.

I myself with a mailer Seo Fast brought a lot of money. They constantly come to my account, although I do not show much activity. How so? I have a developed network of referrals, so I strongly recommend to all beginners to engage in inviting new users.

I didn’t have a blog before, but ref. I gradually developed the network. I was helped by different methods, I ran tasks on other Books, commented on forums and blogs, used referral referrals from social. networks. But the most active development of ref. the network started after site promotion:

Seo fast bucks review for earnings

You can also earn that kind of money, I'm not a programmer, not a super professional in the field of website creation. He started his way from the simplest, but he worked hard. Now it’s easy to create a blog, but if it’s too difficult for you, start at least VC group or record videos for YouTube.

Let not immediately, but over time, income will increase. If you are lucky, and the team will be active partners, the team will start growing without your actions.

Video about making money on Seo Fast

Showing and telling about working with one of the best books is much easier, so I recorded my video instruction. Spend a few minutes to watch and can easily start:

Hundreds of thousands of users are registered on this site, they all work and get paid for it. It is foolish to believe that Seo Fast is a scam (some reviews say this), in this case the project would not be so popular.

The simplest work on the Internet is offered by other resources, but not all of them are honest, stable and created for beginners. There are also many small orders and favorable conditions of the affiliate program. I propose to leave comments on earnings in the comments on Seo Fast, so that newbies find it easier to decide whether to register here at all.

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