SEO Digest magazine - Profit Hunter

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SEO Digest magazine - Profit Hunter

The magazine is designed as a flash application. There is a version for both PC and Mac.

In the first issue of the journal you can see articles with the following headings:

  • Prospects for the blogosphere.
  • Comparison of exchanges for buying / selling links.
  • Interview with the head of t3leads.
  • Shops and blogs: do they need each other?
  • Conference Overview a4uexpo.
  • Getting started with partner directories.
  • Software for posting in social bookmarks.
  • Unusual Google Android interview.

Under these titles there is pretty good content, which is perhaps the main advantage for any magazine.

Of the shortcomings, I would like to note that there is no pdf-version of the magazine and an abundance of ad inserts, which is a bit annoying. But nothing, this is just the first issue, and I am sure that it will be much better next. πŸ™‚

You can download the magazine on the official website.

With support:

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