SEO culture or where we lose our money - Profit Hunter

An article from the observations of SEO-burzhunet. Walking along foreign blogs, websites, forums, social networks and a bunch of other services ala Twitter, - noted one fundamental difference between foreign users from our Slavic ones. What is the difference?

The mentality of ingratitude?

SEO culture or where we lose our money - Profit Hunter As we and foreign users visit thousands of pages, we leave hundreds of comments, of which 80% of garbage like "Aftor! Come on ischo! "We have hundreds of friends who are in touch with us and still manage to pump our turnips at the expense of all this Internet ru-crush.

Burzhunet is not sugar, there are its own cockroaches, spammers, trolls and other evil spirits. But ... ( here I take a deep breath and look at my counter FeedBurner )… why then do we have such low statistics of readers of the blog c, followers at Twitter , rated at Facebook or Myspace ? We are such sociable, we love to write, comment about and without, make friends, etc. ... Then WHY?

You know, for example, who Maul or Terehoff ? I think yes. They are read by thousands of webmaster runets. And look at their rates. By reader 6,200 and 2,000 readers, by tweeter 945 (kapets) and 2,600, respectively. Now look at the mega webmasters burzhnet. At least the rates Darren Rose : 158,000 on the reader and 111,000 on twitter.

" To grow to Darren Rose, you need gooooody," someone will argue. Do you think years? Years, I agree. And this is not a guarantee that you will become so popular, even though you will write mega posts.

A problem in our cultural mentality. In the USA, for example, people are accustomed to say THANKS, smile and feel like kings of the world. This is their culture. It's in their blood. After reading the article, they are not lazy to click on the retweet and leave a comment. It's ok for them to subscribe to the blog they like or share an article on Facebook or other social networks. It's okay for them to be grateful. They are everywhere, they are actively discussing, and not just read on the shelf.

Compare even social networks. What are their rates and what are ours. Heaven and earth.

How do we react? I read the interesting article, I liked it. There is a retweet or rassharivaniya button for soc. Mmm ... Do not hunt to reap. And if I read something cool, so finally I will not tell anyone. I will know and be smart. Let the others look for themselves. ... This is a trite simplified example. How many interesting blogs we read and do not subscribe to them, and then look for " Where did I read about it? " This does not mean that everything is so bad. No. There are many good readers in RuNet, webmasters and just people. The culture mentality is different.

Everybody wants money, earn more. Well, everything is in our hands and yours, mice and keyboards. Advertisers are looking at rates, webmasters are exchanging pots for rates look. The higher the rate, the cooler you are. For advertisers it is important to know what audience the site has not only for tra , but also by reader and tweeter.And traffic is not only search advanced requests in the TOP , but also traffic from social networks and microblogging.

So it turns out that we rob ourselves. We are not the leaders of the Internet, but its passive users. In the last marathon there was a lesson in active leadership. In the lesson openness and activity were well emphasized.

SEO culture or where we lose our money - Profit Hunter

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