SEO copywriting - how to check where to order

Every copywriter engaged in work on the Internet receives prospects for the development of its activities and the possibility of retraining to a higher level of employee.

SEO copywriter, this is a higher level of activity that has begun to actively develop these days and is worth note that it is rated much higher than writing articles.

The quality of each site is largely determined by the quality of the content. Besides the fact that the materials on the site should be unique, interesting and literate, you need to think about optimization.

SEO copywriting - how to check where to order

SEO copywriting, what is it?

Using SEO services of copywriters, you get the highest quality level of materials that will not only be of high quality but also optimized.

Filling the site with SEO copywriting products, you get higher positions in search results, and resource attendance will increase accordingly.

I would like to say separately that SEO copywriting involves the use of marketing techniques, thanks to which every reader of an article can become a potential client.

SEO copywriting is used in absolutely all niches of the Internet. Even if a blog is not maintained and many pages are not created, it helps to collect traffic from other sites.

It is impossible to write optimized articles without special skills, although newcomers often pretend to be competent professionals.

It is possible to determine whether an article is optimized or not with an unaided eye. Just glance through the text with your eyes, find keywords, see how the text is formatted, whether there are any pictures, subtitles, lists and much more.

SEO copywriting prices are much higher, which is why almost every author seeks to write exactly optimized articles (both for sale and for himself).

SEO copywriting - how to check where to order

How is SEO copywriting created?

A full-fledged SEO copywriter work consists of several stages:

  1. Acquaintance with the subject and structure of the resource for which the text is created.

This is a mandatory step, as the articles must be relevant. If the site about cars is filled with articles about children or beautiful dresses, it's just silly. This has a negative effect on site optimization, but it still does not lead to high positions.

  1. Search for optimal keywords to be used for text optimization.

This is the most important moment in developing SEO copywriting. The text must be spelled popular queries.

It is easy to find them, it was created for this. For example, the article you are currently reading is sharpened under the key "SEO copywriting", but to collect additional traffic, it uses adjacent keys:

SEO copywriting - how to check where to order

to bring the page as much as possible more benefits, it should not only be direct occurrences.

For example, for this material it would not be superfluous to include in the body of the article the requests "SEO copywriting download" and "SEO copywriting Wikipedia". Only insert queries need so that they do not violate the semantic component.

  1. Search and assimilation of thematic information to create a competent article.

An optimized article, this is not only a key-filled text. It must be relevant to the query (i.e., the user should find exactly what he was looking for).

It is impossible to write SEO text without absolutely understanding the chosen topic. At a minimum, such a page will be closed too quickly, this will entail the deterioration of behavioral factors, and this will be followed by a decrease in positions.

  1. Planning the article, writing, structuring and design.

Not many authors, before writing a quality article, spend time developing the ideal structure. Even before you start typing, a plan must be drawn up.

The keys are pre-assembled, the headings and subheadings are arranged, approximately you have an idea of ​​what will be discussed and get down to work.

As for the design, this is also a very important point. Solid text never goes to the first position, besides, search engines are much better related to materials that have media content. These can be images, photos, infographics, and more.

  1. Check for uniqueness, nausea of ​​the text, percentage of keyword concentration, and other analyzes.

When writing any texts, it is necessary to check their uniqueness. A competent SEO copywriter simply does not allow himself to sell or post a unique article, and the test is best done through: . Every little thing can affect the level of optimization.

Services for searching errors in texts will not be superfluous.Due to numerous and illiterate mistakes, you also spoil behavioral factors.

  1. The volume of the text should be large, the article is expanded, the information is understandable.

Everyone knows that SEO copywriting is created to take high positions in search results. You can never do this if you use texts of 500 characters each. Detailed, complete and informative materials are worthy of the first places in the issue.

Everything is simple here, search engines try to respond to the user's request. They choose the pages where the relevant information is presented in the fullest extent possible and without excess water.

SEO copywriting - how to check where to order

Using this action plan, you can make quality articles for your own resource and for selling materials.

Website optimization is one of the most relevant topics, because the goal to bring your website to the top of search results is given by a huge number of webmasters.

Order SEO copywriting or learn how to create it yourself, you decide, but the process of learning all the SEO subtleties can take quite a long time.

How to check SEO copywriting?

An experienced professional is able to determine whether the text is optimized or not just by reading it. This type of copywriting is being created to achieve three goals:

  • access to the first positions of search engines;
  • response to user requests;
  • advertising and marketing.

Novice bloggers rarely check how relevant and optimized their article is. There is one convenient way to conduct a check. If you want each text to fall into the first positions of search engines, try to make them expanded and of high quality.

After publication, add to the keyword phrase and link to the page to check relevancy:

SEO copywriting - how to check where to order

Add all queries from your semantic core and see how many percent of relevance will give the system.

A well-optimized article will show 100%, and if there are shortcomings in it, the percentage will be lower. To find out what exactly prevents the page from getting to the first positions, click on the percentage indicator:

SEO copywriting - how to check where to order

You will be presented with detailed information about the content on the page. How many occurrences of the query are exact and not exact, how many characters in total, whether tags are affixed and much more. Here you can learn more about the shortcomings and ways to correct errors:

SEO copywriting - how to check where to order

As you can see, the analysis showed that there is no key phrase in the KeyWords tag. Enough to make a few strokes to the chances of reaching the TOP have risen.

Of course, this is not an ideal way to test finished content. If articles are being written for sale, they will not be able to use it at all. Therefore, you need to try to optimize articles by the rules.

Where to order SEO copywriting?

Now SEO copywriting services are in great demand. Authors are ready to create really high-quality content, but you have to understand that it’s not cheap. There are real pros who take more than 200 rubles per 1000 characters.

We have already told you where to look for a copywriter, once again recalling the stock exchange. There are many experienced professionals, you can see their portfolio, prices and contact directly:

SEO copywriting - how to check where to order

You can also buy good SEO texts on the exchange. The exchange of real professionals, where illiterate authors are quickly lost, since for articles with errors here they simply block accounts. Conveniently, you can create an order, and then wait for the application and select the best performer.

It turns out people are willing to pay for SEO copywriting training , but they just do not understand that all the necessary information can be found for free on the net.

Thousands of experienced authors share their opinions, have patience and read as many articles as possible to thoroughly understand this topic. Also be sure to practice skills, experience plays a key role.

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