SEO Competition. Module 1. Day 5 - Profit Hunter

SEO Competition. Module 1. Day 5 - Profit Hunter


Hello everyone! I believe that Market Samurai has already won your sympathy? Today we will continue to work with him. Who has not yet used the program, you can download a free trial version.

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In this lesson we will look at the competition. Consider two important aspects of competition and how to evaluate competition in your niche using Market Samurai .

Competition on the Internet

As you already know, in order to get good traffic to the site, it is necessary that our pages be in the first positions on Google for certain keywords. The problem is that there are only ten positions on the search results page, and there are a few more sites that want to get into the TOP-1 for the same keywords.

Understanding Competition

A good way to understand the nature of competition in the business world is to review the story of a lion and two internet marketers.

Once, two internet marketers traveled to Africa. Traveling around the country, they unexpectedly came face to face with a hungry lion. Leo began to walk in circles around his victims, asking the price of whom to eat first. One of the marketers rushed and ran to the rocks, climbed the most up and began to wear a pair of sneakers, which he carried in his backpack.

The first marketer asked: “What are you doing? You can never run away from this lion!” To which the second answered: “I don’t need to. I only need to overtake you. ”

The essence of this story is that you do not need to have a perfect website, you need to be a little better than your competitors.

Measuring Competition

There are two aspects of competition that you need to understand.

Medium Competition

Determines how many people compete for a specific key phrase. Some words have a very high level of competition. According to him at the first position is a real struggle. There are words with a low level of competition.

Competitive Strength

This is the second aspect. Imagine yourself standing in front of two boxing rings. You are going to join the battle and you need to choose which ring to climb.

By luck, before you enter the ring, you have the opportunity to evaluate your potential competitors. Investigating the first ring, you find that there is a professional boxer from the category of heavyweights. Exploring the second ring, you see that there is a boxer from the middle category of weight and not a professional. What ring do you go up to?

It is quite obvious that you have to be mad to rush into the heavyweight ring right away. We will not hold on there and the round. Let's now look at this example in terms of marketing.

2 ​​boxing rings represent 2 keywords. For the first keyword competition is very strong. The first 10 positions are dominated by strong, well-optimized sites that have been on the market for many years and have hundreds and thousands of pages of quality content.

In the second ring, competition is weak. Sites are not optimized and are relatively new.

Obviously, you must aim at the second ring. Your chances to reach the first positions here are much higher. This will give a constant influx of traffic and sales.

The secret of success is to find good keywords that give good chances to take the first positions. Simple stuffing the site with content will not do anything.

Measuring competition using Market Samurai

Let's return to the example of the wedding planning . We start the program, open our project Weddings and go to the tab planning a wedding , representing our niche.

We set filters. Let me remind you: the number of visits is 80, 15% for a broad match of keywords and no more than 30,000 sites using our keyword.

SEO Competition. Module 1. Day 5 - Profit Hunter

All these parameters describe the average competition, but they do not say anything about the strength of competition that exists for each keyword.

In order to measure the strength of competition, I must use the most powerful module of the program - SEO Competition (SEO Competition).

Looking through the list of keywords, let's evaluate the power of competition, say, for the keyword wedding planning books " books on wedding planning ". To do this, I click on the key sign next to the keyword. The program will create a new bookmark for this keyword.

Now go to the SEO Competition module.

SEO Competition. Module 1. Day 5 - Profit Hunter

To generate an SEO competition matrix, click the Generate Results button. The program itself will conduct a real-time analysis among the sites included in the first 10-ku for this keyword.

SEO Competition. Module 1. Day 5 - Profit Hunter

The program Market Samurai is used by many SEO specialists. For beginners, the matrix of numbers can seem rather complicated.

Simplify a bit of research and focus only on 5 factors that will help measure the strength of competition in our niche.

Uncheck the checkboxes Off Page and On Page . Mark only 5 factors:

  • Page Rank (PR) - PR
  • Page Backlinks (BLP) - pages with backlinks
  • Yahoo Directory (YAH) - the presence in the Yahoo directory
  • Keyword in Title (Title) is the keyword in the Title
  • Keyword in URL (URL) - the keyword in the URL

For each of these columns we will take a closer look at the next, 6th, lesson.

The squares in the matrix have different colors. This gives a quick visual assessment of the strength of competition. The more green squares, the weaker the competition. Orange indicates a higher, and red - to strong. Here is an example:

SEO Competition. Module 1. Day 5 - Profit Hunter

I built the first SEO matrix using the word wedding . The figure clearly shows the red squares, how strong competition on this word among the first 10 sites.

SEO Competition. Module 1. Day 5 - Profit Hunter

The second matrix is ​​built according to the word wedding planning books . The strength of the competition here is small. This is a good opportunity to occupy this niche and be on the first positions.

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