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Black Hole SEO uses a technique that causes the normal laws of Google Physics to break. LinkJuice streams fall into a massive body, but never exit. And these massive bodies dominate the SERP.

A black hole is created when a first level trust site stops linking to other sites. If a link is needed, the information is rewritten and the link is created on the page within the black hole. All (or virtually all) external links on the site are closed by nofollow.

The first example of a black hole was wikipedia. Internal communications formed a network that passed LinkJuice from one page to another, allowing dubious articles without external links to take first place in the issue. This # 1 ranking generates natural links from external sites. When someone wants a quick link, they search Google and link to one of the first results. This forces more LinkJuice to flow into a black hole, and the confidence of the body becomes greater.

  • LinkJuice flows in, but it never flows out.
  • External sites lose LinkJuice due to the black hole.
  • LinkJuice's black hole's relative mass grows exponentially.

Those who understood this themselves are trying to become black holes. For example, the burgeoning black hole is The New York Times. They never link to relevant articles. All links to any of their articles will go to the Times Topics page.

Business Week follows the lead of the New York Times. However, Business Week is not massive enough yet and cannot yet be classified as a black hole.

You can discuss how Google can fix this problem, but the post is not about that. This post is about how to become one of those who dominate the SERPs no matter how Google determines who “has the right” to occupy space.

The current Google algorithm tends to create black holes. In the near future, expect to see about 40 black holes in ~ 70% of all Google’s Top10 issues.
The next post will show you how to create your own black hole. It’s not easy, but possible.

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