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Very often, webmasters are newbies, and mothers, too, ask various questions about SEO . Why all? One of the reasons is the poor-quality approach of those who ask questions to the training. They go over the eyes of the information, something is remembered there, and after a week they no longer remember or are distracted by something else.

The second reason is that there is not enough practice to help consolidate new material and relate it to what we know. I note that this is the main reason for low professionalism or its complete absence in SEO. But practice creates an overall picture of the understanding of SEO. The nuances in the books you will not find. And they are so often needed. We look like others do: "Wow! Well done class, that did such work. Now it became clear to me how it works" . And that's all. We write koment (noted). This is "Wow ! ”Will remain“ wow. ”And we are not great, because they didn’t understand the essence because of the lack of practice.

And the third reason is the constantly changing search engine algorithms. What is now“ in fashion ”for promotion after the last APA algorithm? How to deal with the developments; where to tweak ?, etc.

The situation is the same in burzhunete, although not as stormy as with our beloved Yandex. All of us humans and we have a common characteristic: too lazy to think, analyze, even more so, and do it, but there are other people who have overcome the “I” in themselves and are working on the result. Here they are today that we are a bit and enlighten. So, simple questions and professional answers about SEO (bias towards burzhunet).

1. Which option most effectively affects the search engine ranking of the site and why? 1) 10 links from one site or 2) 1 link from each of 10 sites?

Other things being equal, a very strong correlation is between sites with high rankings and their diversity. Thus, 10 unique links from 10 sites will have a better impact on ranking the site in search results. Google encourages such a variety of backlinks, because it says about the popularity of the site and affects its credibility. Also, a variety of unique feedback has a positive effect on online business: traffic, marketing.

2. How do the search engines relate to the server's 301 response, 302nd, canonical links and META-refresh?

301th redirect tells search engines that the page is finally redirected to the new URL. 302nd redirect indicates a temporary redirection that may change in the future. Search engines such as Google and Bing correctly interpret the 301th redirect, transferring all the puzomerki of the old page to the new target. The 302nd redirect does not always receive such privileges and the search results may contain the original URL and even two URLs together, for example, one new one and the second one in the original one.

A canonical URL is a relative link that serves search engines with a sign that says “The content of this page is Original” or canon. Such a link is useful if the site contains pages with the same content or duplicating it.

META refreshments (updates) refer to document directives (specified in the . Head. ..... / Head. block), indicating to the browser the period of time through which the page needs to be updated. Search engines like this meta directive perceived as a direct redirect to the target article ANRITSU, keeping everything indicators such. The period of time, you may be seen by search engines as a period of zero.

3. How does the search engine meta tags class "robots"? In particular, how does this affect indexing of images and content on a page?

Such meta tags are written in the block. head. ... / head. and have construction . meta name = "robots" content = " parameter ". . Meta-robots (as they are also called) indicate to search robots what can and cannot be done with the contents of the page. For example, the most used parameters in meta robots are index , noindex , follow , nofollow , noodp , noarchive , noydir . It should be noted that tags used in robots. txt have higher priority for search engines. If you forbid to index any page in robots. txt , and in meta-robots it will be allowed to index, then search robots will ignore the instructions of meta-robots.

4. What are the top two search engines in the following countries - USA, UK, Russia and China?

In the US, this is either Google and Bing , or Google and You Tube (although the latter is technically owned by Google and can be considered as one). You Tube is considered to be a specialized site for searching videos, so you can disregard it for search results of sites.The United Kingdom on search engines refers to the United States, in China it is Baidu and Google, in Russia it is I ndex and Google (and here it is lit up :)) By the way, I ndex understands English very well and this is very good. A kind of mini Google.

5. What aspects of social marketing or media have the most positive impact on issuing (besides direct backlinks)?

Social marketing is marketing awareness. The best result in search results will be when there is a brand. The most obvious way to achieve such popularity is links from public relations articles on fat social media sites. Another powerful influence is the use of social output in search results, as seen by the integration of Google and Bing with Twitter and integration Bing and Facebook . Such feedback is a direct social influence on the authority of the site, because the result of the issue involves a lot of living people who have the most powerful weapon - opinion. They can link to your site without your participation, and this is the best aspect.

On this curtain. Soon, the second part of the article will be presented to your attention.

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