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An article on how to build an extensive database of long keywords based on a small list of key keywords. The author of the article is Ann Smarty, the original is here.

Keyword modifiers are words that, in combination with the basic keywords, allow you to get a long list of long key phrases. Such modifiers can be:

  • common words ( best , guide , etc.);
  • niche words / terms ( for example, quote for financial topics or a relevant brand);
  • place names ( Las Vegas , Oregon , etc.).

Why is it so important not only to find and use such modifiers, but also to organize them correctly?

Very often, keyword modifiers are found randomly: you sharpen an article under a certain phrase, publish it and see that the search traffic to the article is not only for the chosen keyword, but also for a phrase that includes the keyword and some other word . Imagine how many additional visitors you could attract to the site if you used this phrase intentionally? Organizing modifiers and long key phrases will allow you to:

  • learn how to more effectively use keywords;
  • optimize the internal structure of the site and choose the right anchors for links;
  • find ideas for new articles.

What is the complexity of organizing and organizing modifiers?

As a rule, modifiers fire randomly and are often lost among the “more important” keywords.

So how can you organize a list of keywords in order to gain full control over thematic modifiers?

There are three ways to do this:

1. Structure category-word allows modifying modifiers, depending on their semantic meaning, into two main categories ( common and niche ) and many minor ones. There are words with a common meaning, you can scatter them into articles in random order, but for niche keywords it’s better to create separate articles, for example, the phrase hair style can be hung with such niche subcategories as age , gender and hair type .

SEO and Keyword Modifiers - Profit Hunter

2. Tree-like table , where the trunk is these are the main keywords and the branches are thematic modifiers.This approach is especially effective for organizing common modifiers that can be used regardless of the topic of the article. The idea is this: you highlight lines with modifiers (red where the modifier is in front of the key phrase, and green where it is after it), which significantly speeds up the search for modifiers when creating new keyword lists .

SEO and Keyword Modifiers - Profit Hunter

The advantage of this approach is that you can turn basic key phrases into 5-6 words long words in no time.

You can also copy this data to a pivot table to see how often a phrase is used.

3. Hierarchical table of phrases from 2, 3, 4, etc. words.

SEO and Keyword Modifiers - Profit Hunter

This approach is especially good for optimizing the internal structure of the site .

In topic: the most common keyword modifiers from Aaron Walla (xls).

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