Sending SMS and MMS from a computer for free

Over the past 10 years, mobile communications have spread so much that most people have completely abandoned landline phones.

This is not surprising, because a mobile phone is much more convenient, but in terms of costs, nothing has changed. Despite the fact that the operators appear more favorable tariffs, you need to save on communication.

Sending SMS and MMS from a computer for free is a great way to save money from the balance of your phone. To do this, you can go to the site of your operator and use sending messages online, but this is not as convenient as using the special program for free SMS and MMS .

Sending SMS and MMS from a computer for free

How to send free SMS and MMS?

The necessary software for this is offered on the project. A simple program allows you to send images and text messages to almost any operator. Using it is not difficult, the interface is intuitive:

Sending SMS and MMS from a computer for free

In the top menu, you will need to select the type of message. Then enter the number and select the operator. It remains to enter the text and select multimedia (when sending MMS). At the bottom is a button to send a message.

You can find quite a few analogues of the iSendSMS program on the network, but it is better to stop at it, as it has several advantages:

  • support for MMS messages;
  • simple and convenient interface ;
  • proxy support;
  • you can add message templates;
  • log with history for all messages;
  • when entering the number the operator is automatically detected;
  • the program is automatically updated (the list of operators is growing);
  • you can specify the date and time for postponing sending a message.

Besides all this, the program has an address book, so you don’t have to constantly enter recipient numbers. You can add as many contacts as you like and select them in the "To" column:

Sending SMS and MMS from a computer for free

As you can see, groups are displayed on the right side of the program. Thanks to this, you will be able to filter contacts for more convenient sending SMS and MMS.

It’s not so difficult to save on mobile communication, and if there are free tools, then why not use them? Download iSendSMS and send SMS or MMS for free from your computer.

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