Semantic text analysis, text analysis on Advego

Webmasters who are trying to optimize the content before posting it on the site should definitely conduct its semantic analysis. This analysis will make a general assessment of the text on its optimization, which is very important for the promotion of a resource in search engines.

Semantic analysis of texts is performed using a variety of different tools , which determine the following indicators:

  • water volume in the text;
  • concentration of stop words;
  • index of the hack;
  • nauseous text;
  • keyword density;
  • number of characters .

With what can semantic analysis be done?

1. Advego.
The popular exchange of articles provides additional functionality for webmasters, optimizers and article authors. On the page you can enter your text, after which you will receive statistics:

Semantic text analysis, text analysis on Advego

Here is a part of the text statistics, we presented it so that you can visually see the result of using this tool. It is worth noting that you can use text up to 100,000 characters, as well as choose a specific language, which proves the versatility of this service. Register on the site is not required, so it is very convenient.

2. Textus Pro.
The second option is a program that can be downloaded for free on the Internet. Thanks to Textus Pro, you can also quickly get the necessary data about your own text. Even if you do not always have access to the Internet, you can use this software.

The results of the statistics look like this:

Semantic text analysis, text analysis on Advego

As you can see, there is also quite a lot of information here, but at the same time Advego provides more data. Using the program also has advantages, which is why we presented this option.

No matter what tool you use to conduct semantic text analysis, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the level of material optimization. Only after you make sure that the text is properly optimized, can you start placing it on the site.

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