Semantic core problems, the problem of relevance

If you are creating an online store or a regular blog, you will definitely need to create a semantic core.

It will consist of requests for the pages of the site. This stage is mandatory for each resource, beginners know about it, but often make mistakes.

Semantic core problems can arise only if the webmaster (optimizer) itself makes inaccuracies. The success of the development of the site depends on how well the core will be compiled; therefore, this matter must be approached responsibly. In this article we will look at several problems that you may have.

Semantic core problems, the problem of relevance

Difficulties in creating a semantic core

When you select words and phrases, you will definitely pay attention to the number of queries. Here it is necessary to understand that for a new site it is better not to use high-frequency queries, since they are busy with a huge amount of authoritative resources and it is unlikely to get to the TOP. Therefore, we will have to be content with medium and low-frequency queries.

It is very important to find such keys that have a sufficient number of requests , but at the same time the competition in them is not high enough. With the help of various services and programs you can define various indicators of certain requests.

Problems appear in case you pick up keys with a minimum number of requests, which are not suitable for topics or used by a large number of advanced sites.

Semantic core problems, the problem of relevance

Actuality Problem

If you decide to create a semantic core, then it is better not to make it too large if you do not have enough time for content development.

For the gradual filling and development of the site, you need to constantly pick up the keys, as they gradually lose relevance, and some even depend on seasonality.

Many newbies do not take this into account and, having received 300-400 requests, they stretch their articles for a whole year. To get rid of this problem you will have to work more actively or use the services of copywriters. There are many authors on the Advego and Etxt exchange who can help you, but get ready to pay money for it.

Semantic core problems, the problem of relevance

The Problem of Regionality

Keywords in different regions may have different frequency of queries. Getting to the top of the regional issue is much easier, so you can focus on it. To determine popular queries in different regions, there is a separate section.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in different search engines, the queries may also differ. Therefore, when compiling the core of WordStat, count on the promotion in Yandex.

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