Semantic core for free - do it yourself

The basis of website optimization is the selection of suitable requests for which the resource is further promoted.

At first glance, it may seem that highlighting keywords is easy, but optimizers are paid for making up money just.

Finding quality queries is difficult and takes a lot of time.

How to make a semantic core? It is not necessary to pay for the selection of keywords, the core can be made with your own hands and absolutely free.

If you want to influence the promotion of your site and receive as much traffic from search engines, be sure to use our instructions for creating a semantic core.

Semantic core for free - do it yourself

Naturally, we will need a service through which we will select requests. First of all, the optimizer needs to decide on several keywords that can be repelled. It can be difficult to pick them up, so this procedure is best facilitated.

You can get the basis of the kernel through a popular website promotion service. From this system, you can get the first hundred requests, then use them to search for other keys.

Semantic core for free - do it yourself

Of course, you can find these words yourself, but Rookee has several distinct advantages:

  • the frequency of the request is analyzed not only in Yandex;
  • everything is done on an automatic machine;
  • the competitiveness of keywords is evaluated.

And the most important thing is that you spend only a few minutes on collecting the necessary requests. How to use this service? First, go through the registration of Rookee, and then proceed to the creation of an advertising company. Then follow the 3 steps:

  1. Enter the address of your site:
  2. Semantic core for free - do it yourself

  3. Set some parameters for promotion:
  4. Semantic core for free - do it yourself

  5. Get a ready-made list of words to promote your site:

Semantic core for free - do it yourself

The list contains 104 queries, and you can copy the list and transfer it to an Excel spreadsheet. At this stage, you already own a small core, but it needs to be improved and developed. First of all, after the transfer of words, we read them carefully and delete everything that does not suit you:

Semantic core for free - do it yourself

The core consists of 100 words, for which you should partially have pages to promote, This is a minor result. How to develop it? Select each request and go to WordStat to select related keywords.

Low-frequency and mid-frequency queries you can quickly collect and copy them into another Excel file:

Semantic core for free - do it yourself

To save a lot of time, after entering each word, just copy the lines from the results and add to the table. Then, sort the records by the number of impressions per month and delete those that are less than a certain number of impressions.

How many impressions do you need?

If the site is young, you can first promote it on low-frequency queries to 5000 views per month. If the site has long existed, is actively filled and developed, it is better to take requests with more serious indicators.

In just a few minutes we managed to walk through several keys from the received kernel and collect some queries:

Semantic core for free - do it yourself

Of the 100 keywords received from Rookee, at least You will find 5 mid-frequencies related, via WordStat, and these are 500 requests - a ready-made core.

Every webmaster should think about how to create a semantic core, as it is very important for website promotion.

If you are already blogging and you have ready resources, try changing your strategy and putting together a core, this will help improve your search engine rankings and increase traffic.

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