Selling photos from your phone via Iconzoomer

What kind of mobile applications have not been invented so that users can easily make money.

At Workion, we already presented 7 Android applications for earnings, among which was Iconzoomer. This is quite an interesting program through which photos are sold.

Selling photos from a phone through is an unusual way to make money, because after installing this application, you will receive tasks.

For example, you might be asked to take a picture of your lunch, alarm clock, computer mouse, and even a shaving tool. And for the assignments, you are credited.

Selling photos from your phone via Iconzoomer

Iconzoomer to make money on Android

You can find this program, it is free, and after installation, You will need to create a new profile.

For this, the usual form is filled in:

Selling photos from your phone via Iconzoomer

Unfortunately, the program has no Russian version, but the interface is intuitive. Specify the mail, come up with a password and add your country, year of birth and gender. After that, create a profile, and the system directs you to the available tasks:

Selling photos from your phone via Iconzoomer

As you can see, now only one task is available, worth 5 credits. Do you not understand English? Use Google translator, with its help you can easily understand which picture you need to send.

When you figure out the requirement, click on the task and choose where the photo will be taken:

Selling photos from your phone via Iconzoomer

You can upload photos from the gallery, or you can go directly to the camera and take a picture. After that, your image will be sent to the developers, and you will receive credits to your account.

Where to spend Iconzoomer credits?

They can be spent on getting an Amazon discount, a charity, or you can order a payment on PayPal. Surely you are only interested in the last option, but to order a payment, you need to collect a lot of credits:

Selling photos from your phone via Iconzoomer

As you can see, you need to accumulate 200 credits to get 10 euros. The tasks in Iconzoomer are simple, but they appear there not so often , so it may take a long time to collect the required number of credits.

However, we strongly recommend that you install this app, and also make money with. This program allows you to earn not in photos, but by downloading and installing foreign applications. There, too, you can withdraw money to your account through PayPal.

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