Selling non-indexable links on Linkwall

In search of suitable ways to monetize their sites, most webmasters immediately refuse to sell links.

Why? Because it affects the optimization, and nobody wants to risk getting the site under filters. But there is a solution, you can sell non-indexable links.

The sale of non-indexable links is offered by a small number of services, and the best of them is. On this exchange, you can add any site and get a special code.

After its installation, a block with links will be displayed on the website, and anyone who wishes can buy a place without your participation.

Selling non-indexable links on Linkwall

Monetizing the site through Linkwall

The question immediately arises, and who needs to buy non-indexable links? The block in which the links are located looks like contextual advertising, and this may bring additional traffic. In order to increase the attendance of their sites, they will order advertising on your site, and most importantly, you will not have to do anything for this.

The block with links will be displayed in the place of the site where you install it. Links are not indexed by search engines, so do not worry that the site will go under the filters.

How does it work?

When you place the code from Linkwall on its site, an additional block will appear in which there will be a certain number of links:

Selling non-indexable links on Linkwall

In the settings you can set how many links will be added in the block on your site. As you can see, under the list of links is the link "Buy link". If the advertiser clicks on it, the price and the form for adding his link will be presented to him:

Selling non-indexable links on Linkwall

Payment is made via Webmoney. Your participation in this process is not required, after payment the link is automatically added to the block on your site.

How long it stays in the unit depends on the activity of other buyers. As soon as the advertiser pays for the placement of the link, it is set to the first place, and the link that was last, disappears. When the site has a lot of traffic, links are sold quickly, so it’s better to install a small fee for them.

It’s not difficult to earn on non-indexable links , and most importantly, any sites are accepted into the system, even on free hosting.

Try to place a block from Linkwall on your site and it is possible that many will want to pay you to add their link. And with each sale you will receive 80% of the amount (20% commission of the system).

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