Sell ​​discs and earn. Earnings on old drives

A lot of time has passed since those times when everyone used CDs, and today their “era” is long over.

People download everything on the Internet, and the disks get dusty in the closets and on the shelves. It’s a pity to throw them away, especially some may be licensed and expensive, so the best option is to sell them.

How to make money on old drives? Surely you have discs in your home that you can sell, but making it through the Internet is much easier.

First, there are special services for the sale of old disks. Secondly, you can put regular ads. People, buying up old discs are considering different offers .

Sell ​​discs and earn. Earnings on old drives

Selling discs and earning!

A simpler way to get money for old discs is to use message boards. They are periodically laid out proposals for buying different discs:

Sell ​​discs and earn. Earnings on old drives

Here is one of these ads, as you can see, the author offers 50 rubles for disks and video tapes with clips. If you search well, you can find a lot of similar sentences .

It’s not easy to sell ads, and don’t count on big money, if your collection consists mainly of pirated discs, which were released too much to represent at least some value.

A website for buying old Webuybooks. co. uk

A special service has already appeared in the foreign segment, where anyone can sell old discs. The most important thing is that there is a barcode on the box, since it will need to be entered on the website in order to assess:

Sell ​​discs and earn. Earnings on old drives

You need to take the top part of the barcode and specify it in a special The form on the site:

Sell ​​discs and earn. Earnings on old drives

If such a disc is valuable, then you will see how much you can earn for it:

Sell ​​discs and earn. Earnings on old drives

Regardless of the content on the disc, you can check how valuable it is and, possibly, make money from it.

The service also offers a mobile application, so you can check barcode discs outside your home to find the most valuable items.

Despite the fact that the service is foreign, it is not difficult to use it. Most importantly, it is solid and does not have to worry about the disks sent by mail.

Finding a buyer for old disks is not so easy, and if you are a talented person, you can use old disks to create some kind of decorative things.

In the future, they can be put up for sale through where they earn a lot of craftsmen in manual work.

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