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For sure, many are wondering how many and what kind (with what PR) of links you need to go up in Google issuance.

In order to understand what the conclusions made in the article are based on, let us first consider the fundamental principles of getting backlinks and ranking Google.

Speaking of links, it is important to understand that there are differences between trust and popularity of sites. These are not mutually exclusive concepts, but it is important to understand that these are different things.

So that the site takes a good place in the issue, Google must have a degree of trust (for example, the source of external links, the age of the domain) to ensure that not just a couple of shit sites link to your site, and thus your content is popular (that is, it has good content, increase in becks, subject links).

What comes earlier, trust or popularity?

Partly, this question lies in the PageRank algorithm, which let's not forget, actually (initially) tries to calculate the chance that a random surfer surfing the net will stumble to your website. This notion of a random surfer laid the foundation for Google’s idea of ​​“page authority”, from which the lion’s share of their algorithm originated.

You often hear that high-quality links (that is, high PR links) are preferable to a large number low-quality links (links with low PR). From the point of view of the algorithm’s origin, the pages with the higher ones simply have more of these virtual random surfers falling on them, and thus more likely that a random surfer will click on your link.

Looking back when PageRank on al to spread through the network, in addition to internal accumulation PR, all sites are equal, so that PageRank was actually a reflection of the number of incoming links, but not the "quality" of the page (at least in its original form).

Thus, one should not confuse the PageRank of a page with its credibility / trust in it.

Before becoming popular, the site must become authoritative, and for this you need links from authoritative sites, that is, sites that Google trusts. For example, Wikipedia Google trusts less than the BBC. Links to your site from reputable sites tell Google that he can trust your site. But links are needed precisely from reputable sites, and not from pages with high PR.

Domain age and links

The age position of the domain definitely affects the position in the issue, but the old domain does not guarantee you a high ranking of Google. The basic meaning that you can learn from the age of the domain is related to the growth rate of the number of backlinks, which is essentially the time parameter of your link building.

Backward link growth should have an obvious logical curve, something like this:

Secrets of promotion in extradition - Profit Hunter

The graph roughly shows the rate at which incoming links appear per day. / week / month. This is the effect of a natural increase in the number of links associated with an increase in the number of visitors to the site.

Based on the above, several statements can be made:

  1. When you have gained confidence, even the worst of the links will help you to rise in issuance
  2. The longer the trust time for site, the greater the “buffer” for the increase in the number of links gets the site (see chart below)
  3. Deviation outside the “buffer zone” (for example 15,000 new links for the first week) can lead to penalties from search engine.

Secrets of promotion in extradition - Profit Hunter

Let's look at the example of the first statement that the pages of a reputable site are high in terms of issuing on highly competitive inquiries, with only a few low-quality links.

Set the query "buy viagra" in Google. For sure in the top 10 you will see user-generated pages of reputable domains (collegehumor. Com, bebo. Com, etc.). If you check incoming links to these pages , then to your surprise you will find only an extremely small number of low-quality links.

Can incoming links harm the site?

The logical answer to this would be “no”. If Google penalized bad incoming links, they would actually do their ranking work much harder, because of SEOs aimed at reducing competitor positions. It would be a nightmare, with a whole subdivision to destroy competitors.

This is a logical answer. Unfortunately, the correct answer is yes. I will repeat: It is possible to downgrade the ranking of other websites by incoming links .

There are two ways in which you can worsen the ranking of sites by incoming links:

I do not mean a local “black” porn site that refers to you. These links will have absolutely no effect. Such sites can not spread their "dirt", only referring to you.

  • You can do a little experiment yourself. Register a new domain. Advance it on low frequency request.In a couple of weeks, when the site takes a certain place in the issue, drop 15,000 links to it in 1 day. You will never see it again in the top 100.
  • There is a reliable method to throw pages out of the index. For example, you find a subpage of a high-ranking website search term “search engine optimization” with 500 inbound links to this page. If you drop 50,000 links in a 2-week period with the anchor text “buy pepsi”, you will find that you completely distorted Google view of this page. There are pages completely destroyed by this technique, thrown from the top 10 beyond the top 500 in just a week. Most likely, it’s impossible to throw out the home page, but there will be no problems with the internal pages. Obviously, with young domains that do not have a sufficient level of trust, it is much easier to do this.
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