Secrets how to win the lottery

Since the appearance of the lotteries, many people have a dream. They want to get a huge win, and on this subject even an anecdote was invented.

A man prayed to God for winning the lottery, and he looked from heaven and thought when you already buy a ticket to help you. Therefore, to win the lottery, you must first buy a ticket.

How to win the lottery? Many people are looking for an answer to this question. In such draws there is an element of randomness, therefore, it is simply impossible to determine which numbers will fall out of the lottery drum or what will be under the protective layer on the ticket.

And sometimes it is not possible to win at all, since the organizers of the lottery are not honest people.

Secrets how to win the lottery

Do they win the lottery at all?

We already figured out the first action, buying a ticket is required to win the lottery.

From here follows the second question - from whom to buy a ticket? Now "lotteries" are being sold even in bank branches, anyone who wishes can take them on change. There are no big winnings, so it is better not to use such offers.

Look at the lottery to really win, we wrote this article recently and presented there several resources offering to participate in online raffles.

Even because of the computer, you don’t have to get up, but due to a well-thought-out scheme and a high level of protection, you don’t have to worry about deception.

When choosing the lottery, in which you really win, consider the region of their holding. It is better to choose a lottery from your own country, so that there are fewer problems with the cashing of the winnings.

Having dealt with the lottery that you win, you will need to learn all the rules. Conditions are different everywhere, and different technologies are used.

For example, in the "Social Chance" lottery, the usual number generator is used, and in those lotteries where the real lottery drum is spinning, you can watch the pulling of the balls, although there is no big difference, because in that and in the other case the numbers drop out regardless of external factors.

Secrets how to win the lottery

Secrets of how to win the lottery

People from all over the globe are trying to find clever ways to beat the lottery. No one can do this.

There are even cases when they tried to keep track of the lottery machine and record those numbers that drop out more often. Lottery organizers know this, so they change equipment or make sure that the balls in the lottery drum are no different.

Mathematicians and scientists more than once took up game theory and tried to determine whether numbers could be gained in some way. All of them came to the same conclusion - the numbers fall evenly, it is impossible to predict and there are no winning strategies for lotteries.

Proceeding from this, the conclusion suggests itself - it remains to count only at random .

Although there are several tricks that help experienced lottery lovers to increase the chances of winning:

  1. To keep your mind on which numbers to put on each time, select a specific combination and use it. The probability of loss will be the same as that of any other combination, but less time will be spent.
  2. If there is a distribution in your favorite lottery, be sure to take part in it. By its conditions, each winner receives a prize, such circulations are held at least once a year.
  3. Use the expanded rates, i.e. if you are asked to fill in additional fields in the ticket at a reduced price, be sure to agree to this, because you get more chances with lower costs.
  4. It is better to play lottery draws, because there is a solid jackpot and, according to probability theory, it is much more profitable than short-term loters sold at every corner.
  5. Not to mention lottery syndicates. These are groups of people who invest in the purchase of tickets and if someone has lucky numbers, he honestly shares with the other members of the syndicate (you can join on the site).

The last option is the most interesting. The scheme is extremely simple, the administration of projects ensures that the winners share the winnings, and the chances that at least someone from the syndicate can win is really high (sometimes 40% of all tickets are redeemed).

Secrets how to win the lottery

People who won the lottery

The real boom occurred on the Internet when nobody won in the lottery in Novosibirsk, an unknown Russian.

He made a bet of 1,800 rubles for several numbers through Gosloto and won 358 million. This is a new record among our compatriots, the previous one was a win of 202 million in Nizhny Novgorod.

Among the big winnings in the lottery in Russia, there is also the victory of Albert Begrakyan, a regular shop guard who lied a jackpot of 100 million rubles.

Overseas winnings are many times greater than , for example, in 2007, two winners divided the amount of $ 390 million.

A married couple and an ordinary truck driver became the lucky ones. This case is a record in America, and for Europe in the first place in terms of winnings is the victory of the spouses in 2011, who received 185 million euros.

All winners in the lottery are united by one factor - they bought a lottery ticket. There are no laws, they live in different cities, they are absolutely different from each other and do not intersect anywhere.

Let people who believe in mysticism claim that they have the same aura or some kind of perfume helped them, it is difficult to believe in it.

To summarize, you can win the lottery only by buying a ticket and hoping at random. Does it cost you every month to spend 200-300 rubles for tickets? Hardly, and it will give you a chance to win a large amount.

Who knows, maybe your name will be added to the lists of lucky people that we described in this article.

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