SearchMarket. ru - forum review - Profit Hunter

I present to your attention " SearchMarket. Ru - Forum Successful Webmasters."

SearchMarket is a new promising forum for webmasters and optimizers. It was launched in December 2008, but 731 users have already been registered to it.

The design of the forum is standard, although very convenient

SearchMarket. ru - forum review - Profit Hunter

Today, the discussion is on 68 topics. Among the main topics of discussion are:

  • Search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, Yandex)
  • Discussion of various aspects of social networking
  • Advertising in search engines and pay per click systems
  • Discussion of gray and black promotion schemes in search engines
  • Services for working with search engines, link exchangers, link exchanges, position analyzers, etc.
  • Questions related to the choice of hosting
  • Discussion of various scripts, CMS and other solutions
  • Discussion of English-language and other partner programs
  • Discussion of partnership programs aimed at an audience in Russia, Ukraine, etc.
  • Affiliate programs with products / services for adults
  • SMS and other billing
  • And much more ...

As you can see, the topics are diverse and relevant. So I advise everyone. Naturally in order to post you need to register.

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