Search market. Ideas for a niche. Module 1. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

Search market. Ideas for a niche. Module 1. Day 2 - Profit Hunter


If you have already come up with an idea for your niche, this lesson is for you. In this lesson, we will look at the hierarchy of keywords, the niche market, and micro niches.

Markets, niches and micro niches

Let's start from the most important concepts of this topic.

Search market. Ideas for a niche. Module 1. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

A market is a community of people united by common interests.

In each market there are smaller markets, called niches, associated with a topic within their market. For example, golf is the market, and golf clubs is its niche.

In each niche there are smaller niches called micro niches. For example, golf clubs is his niche, and golf club handles are already a micro niche. Also, for example, with photos for weddings - this is a niche. But, prices for photographs for weddings or when choosing photographs for weddings are already micro niches.

Going down from the market to the micro niche, we take a step into smaller and smaller markets, where there are fewer potential customers than in the market as a whole. What then is the advantage of starting with a micro niche? The fact that the competition is small. This is a good place to start your small business. As it grows, you will rise up towards the market as a whole, capturing its other niches and micro niches.

Generation of the market and ideas for niches

Our goal is to go deeper into the market, search for niches and micro niches for our business. Where can I get good ideas?


is a great place to look for ideas for a niche. After all, amazone. com - the international Internet market. It is very well cataloged, which means all products and topics are subject to hierarchy.

http: // www. amazone. com /

I like to start browsing from the Magazines section ( magazines). Why? If there is a section dedicated to a specific topic, then there are people who are interested in this topic.

Search market. Ideas for a niche. Module 1. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

Direct the mouse to the section Books , and then click on Magazines . On the left in the column you will see a large list of subsections. This is a good place to start searching for a niche that represents our interests.

Suppose you are interested in the topic crafts and hobbies ( crafts and hobbies ). Click on the appropriate category Crafts. Hobbies . As you will see this niche has a mass of micro niches. There is still much to narrow your search. For example, further we are interested in micro niche Applique (applications). There are a number of magazines on this topic devoted to different types of applications.

Why, all the same, I noticed a niche search through magazines on amazone? Because the topics in magazines are printed on the basis of the market research and its needs. We can say that, to some extent, the marketing specialists of these magazines have done market research for you. Use this experience.

Second moment. If you have a new approach to applications, you have your own authoring technique and you have a novelty for this market, great. You will see for yourself that this niche is not consecrated by anyone (or almost by anyone). You have a competitive advantage. Who knows, maybe after some time your own app magazine will be sold in amazone 🙂

Google Keyword Tool

This is a powerful tool for finding markets and niches. It is also used to search for competitive and low competitive keywords and phrases.

http: // www. Google. com / sktool

Once on this page, below you will see the link Or see top keywords across all categories ( Or view top keywords by category ). From the category page, click on the category Hobbies. Leisure (we continue to consider the example of a hobby). The category will open and we will see a number of subcategories (niches). We are interested in Arts. Crafts .

Search market. Ideas for a niche. Module 1. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

You will notice that the information provided is very different from what you saw on amazone. com. Google relies on keywords and phrases, their value (demand) and rating. We can say that for your chosen niche, Google provides good statistics and information for analysis.

I provided only two sources for researching a niche. You can also use the yellow pages, eBay, Craigslist and others.

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