Search for optimized content. Module 2. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

Where to get content for our site? Write yourself? If we know the subject, subtleties, etc., then it is possible. In any case, you need to find out what is written in the niche. What is heard? What issues are being discussed? What is asked about? And it is also very important - we need content optimized for keywords.

Market Samurai will help us with this difficult task. Consider the example you already know with Vintage Electric Guitars (branded electric guitars, vintage or vintage).

Search for optimized content. Module 2. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

Go to the module Find Content . Where do I want to search for information on this topic? At the top of the module there are a number of sources to search. I will choose Wikipedia , Google Blog Search , YouTube videos and Google News . The program found a lot of articles and videos on vintage guitars. All of them are displayed in the list. By clicking on the title of the article, we can view it. We can also view the video in the program.

Search for optimized content. Module 2. Day 2 - Profit Hunter

Vintage electric guitars are expensive. They are like real estate. Grow in value over time. We can safely assume that vintage guitars are an investment. And, by the way, this is a great theme for our site: Vintage Electric Guitars as an Investment ( Vintage electric guitars as an investment ).

Any text we like can be copied. It is not our goal to plagiarize and steal other people's articles. The program finds articles that are suitable for SEO criteria. She finds the optimal content already optimized in the context of the selected keyword. It is important. This is a good material for studying and writing your content.

What else fits the subject of investment? For example, Tips for Buying Vintage Electric Guitar ( Tips on buying vintage electric guitars ). There are books on this topic in stores already familiar to us Amazone and eBay .

Looking through the materials, we will find a lot of information from the history of guitars, celebrities who played on them. We’ll find information about antique vintage acoustic guitars, etc. Our future site is slowly emerging.

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