Search engines calculate cheating PF

In recent years, site optimization has become an increasingly complex “science”, where only the most cunning webmasters successfully promote their resources.

Everyone knows that search engines are struggling with buying links and are already setting priorities for other indicators, but they are also actively trying to influence them.

Today, behavioral factors play a significant role in ranking. Optimizers know about it, so they use various tools to improve this indicator, but they do not always achieve their goals, because this is also found by the PS.

How do search engines track PF cheating? Now we will tell about several ways.

Search engines calculate cheating PF

You can not even doubt that search engines know about your intention to improve behavioral factors. They can track such actions in the following ways:

  • navigation through sites during cheating is usually performed from the same IP addresses. In particular, when ordering views from click-through sponsors, search engines easily track the addresses from which clickers earn;
  • again, by IP addresses, search engines can detect the entry of identical requests and a transition to the same site. Even if a group of keywords is used, it is easily determined;
  • it is even easier to track cheats if clicks are made from Yandex. Browser or browser with Yandex installed. Bar;
  • in most cases, when ordering cheat site traffic, services offer two options - the transition from search engines or a direct transition. There is no point in using direct transitions, the traffic from the services of cheating will not benefit the PF. Yes, and the search engines will immediately notice the cheat, given the domain from which the transition was made;
  • it is obvious that the webmaster took advantage of the cheat when site traffic increased dramatically, but there were no signals on the Internet (media, social networks, advertising) and nothing has changed on the resource;
  • behavioral factors contain different data - the time spent on the site, the number of transitions, the area being viewed and much more. If all visitors behave in the same way, it is obvious that this is a cheat.

Search engines, and in particular Yandex, over the past few years, has learned how to correctly analyze behavioral factors , since it places great hopes on this signal. Therefore, it is better not to use cheat, and try to improve the PF in a natural way, upgrading its resource.

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